Who am I? The About Page

So, this is the page where I am meant tell you "my story".

Where I tell you struggle from a hapless, skinny-fat beginner to strongest, jacked-est, most awesome man on the planet.

Or not.............​​​​ 

Nobody cares meme

Plus my own story is probably more like skinny-fat weakling to less fat, a bit more jacked and stronger than average. But still most awesome man on the planet 🙂

I'll just tell you that I love lifting and getting stronger.

I have competed in powerlifting and am a certified trainer. Not that either of those things mean a great deal on the internet. I've seen some horrible advice from so called "qualified experts".

So you know I am a real person that does lift, here's me actually lifting:

260kg Charity deadlift competition lift. At 88kg body weight. Nothing outrageous, but a PR for me so I was proud of it.

I will happily answer any questions or chat about training with you.

You can reach me here: Laine@barbellpursuits.com​

What is Barbell Pursuits All About?​

I don't care what your training goal is, if it involves picking up a barbell in the pursuit of self-improvement, then barbell pursuits is for you.

Strength training tips, news, equipment guides, reviews and general gym discussions.

Anything I feel that can actually help you will be posted here.

I'll leave the meal-replacement powder reviews and the "look at my awesome, healthy breakfast" posts to the social media fitness "celebs".

I like lifting, I think helping people is pretty cool so I thought I might as well help people with their lifting.

I invite you to click around, read a couple posts that interest you and leave a comment or two.

Barbell pursuits is about helping you improve and get the answers to the questions you have. So, let me know what you want to see.

I'm not here just to throw up a few measly articles that barely scratch the surface or offer any true value.

I'm not around to recommend you crappy products and gadgets just to get a commission. Full disclosure, I might make a small amount if you click and buy from some links, but I'll only be suggesting quality equipment that will enhance your training.

If you came looking for "Top 5 Raspberry Ketones", you had better move along.

I try to put all the knowledge I have on each topic into each post I make.

I can promise you quality, super in-depth and useful content that helps you get stronger.

Now you know about me, check out my most recent stuff:​