Write For Us – Fitness Writers Wanted!

Barbell Pursuits is looking for expert fitness and strength writers to help contribute to our blog. We have so many ideas to share but not enough time to write them all.

Oh, and unlike many inferior-quality blogs who will actually charge you to write for them (WTF!), we will pay for your work.

How it Will Work

1. Email our editor at Laine@barbellpursuits.com

In your email include:

A short description about who you are and your experience within the strength and fitness industry.

A link to any published articles you may already have online.

A link or attachment to your proposed article (see article guidelines below).

2. We will get back to you with our feedback and any changes that may be required.

3. Once your article is published you will be paid at a rate of 2 cents per word, which is equal to $40 for a 2000 word article.

4. If we like working with you, we will seek to develop an ongoing relationship and send even more work your way!

Article Guidelines

Use a clear, professional but conversational tone that matches the articles on our website.

Perfect English grammar is vital.

All work should be 100% original and not plagiarized in any way. This will be checked.

Ensure your article is easy to read/skimmable by breaking paragraphs down into no more than 3 sentences each.

Include links to relevant pages, YouTube videos and studies to back up your claims.

Aim to write at least 1500 words per article but avoided "filler" content. Each sentence should be useful to the reader. Providing helpful info to our readers is the number 1 priority!

Again, if you feel you are a good fit, send your article over to Laine@barbellpursuits.com and start earning from your knowledge