“Strength is Never a Weakness”

– Mark Bell, SuperTraining Gym

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How to deadlift

Proper Way To Do Deadlifts – A guide to perfect deadlift form

You need to learn the proper way to do deadlifts because they’re F***-ing awesome!Quite possibly the exercise that provides the ...
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Top 30 Yoga Poses

Look out for these top 30 yoga poses with its benefits and we are sure you would want to go ...
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How to squat properly

How to squat Properly – Guide to good squat form

You found your way to this article, which means you want to know how to squat properly. So, I’m guessing ...
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best knee sleeves for squats

Best Knee Sleeves for Squatting – Guide and knee sleeve reviews

Knee sleeves are becoming a staple accessory in the gym bag of many lifters. Primarily used for squats, lunges and ...
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Why Turning Vegan Is the New Trend? 7 Lesser Known Benefits

Who has not at least once drooled over Zac Efron, the blue-eyed teenage heartthrob or Beyonce the lady with her ...
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The Complete Fat Burning Guide: Fitness Exercises To Lose Stomach Fat

The Complete Fat Burning Guide: Fitness Exercises To Lose Stomach Fat Introduction In this post, we will discuss the best ...
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benefits of strength training

Benefits of Strength Training – 7 strength training benefits and reasons to pick up a barbell now

Getting stronger isn't all about looking better and boosting your ego. The benefits of strength training go way beyond improving ...
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Some Unknown Health Benefits of White Tea

White Tea is one of the most well-known teas out there consumed by many people around the world especially because ...
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beginner gym tips

What to do on your first day in the gym? – 13 tips to crush your first day at the gym

Worrying about what to do on your first day in the gym? Fear not, everybody does. This guide has you ...
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