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– Mark Bell, SuperTraining Gym

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Grip strength training featured image

Grip Strength Training – How to improve your hand strength and build a powerful grip

Your hand and grip strength plays a vital role in numerous daily activities like carrying bags and picking up objects ...
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How to squat lower and deeper

How to Squat Lower – 7 tips for deeper squats

Congratulations! The fact that you were hunting for tips on how to squat lower, shows that you actually care about ...
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how often should you train a muscle group feature image

How Often Should You Train a Muscle Group?

My goal of this site is to use the knowledge I’ve gained over the years as a trainer and lifting ...
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What is the absolute Best Cardio Machine For Burning Calories the Fastest?

I've tried almost every kind of cardio machine, including cycling, treadmills, steppers and rowers, and ellipticals. A good indication that ...
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Rogue HG Plate vs. Rogue High Temp Plate vs. Rogue Comp Plate.

If you're looking for a bumper plate, then you're probably doing CrossFit or Powerlifting. In either case, depending on how ...
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Rogue Assault Bike vs. Rogue Echo Bike

Are you trying to decide between the Rogue Assault Bike or the Echo Bike? These bikes are both very popular ...
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