What is Barbell Pursuits All About?

Welcome to Barbell Pursuits!

No matter what your training goals are, if they involve picking up a barbell in the pursuit of self-improvement, Barbell Pursuits is here to support you. We provide Gym equipment, workout guides and supplement reviews as well engaging discussions about all things fitness related. 

Our aim is to deliver straight-forward, simple and actionable advice that makes you stronger.

No gimmicks, fads or overly-technical essays. Just shit that works!

At Barbell Pursuits, we prioritise delivering valuable, high-quality content that directly contributes to your fitness journey. Unlike social media fitness "celebs" who often focus on self-promotion and superficial trends, we are committed to providing practical and evidence-based information that empowers you to achieve your goals.

About Us

Denver Matheson, the founder and editor of Barbell Pursuits, and his girlfriend Brooke Elwood, a dietitian, are the dynamic duo behind our platform. Together, they form an unbeatable team with a shared passion for fitness, nutrition, and helping others achieve their wellness goals.

Both 28 years old, Denver and Brooke have been partners since their university days, and their connection goes far beyond their personal relationship. They are united by their unwavering dedication to the world of fitness and their belief in its transformative power.

Denver Matheson

Founder & Editor

Denver founded Barbell Pursuits back in early 2017 after deciding to take his information online to reach as many people as possible.

Denver's lifelong enthusiasm for fitness began at the age of 12 when he excelled in track and field competitions. His love for the practical aspects of physical fitness, coupled with his B.Sc in Kinesiology, shapes his approach to training and providing practical advice to our readers

Between studying how the joints & tendons of a human being are powered at a chemical level, he enjoys that extra time in the kitchen that optimizing his own health has brought him. Nutrition as well as how the body breaks down food into their constituent molecules is one of his most followed passions with regards to fitness. 

Brooke Elwood

Website Contributor & Research Squad

Also 28 years old, Brooke proudly claims the title of longtime girlfriend since university as well as registered dietician. Between the two of them, there's nothing fitness related they can't handle!

She went the way of becoming a nutritionist, and Denver’s love of cooking in a science based way had her falling from the very beginning. Unlike Denver’s more applied/practical view to physical fitness, Brooke prefers a much more theoretical look at the body’s possibilities that are made possible through complex chemical reactions.

Ultimately, in her books a good girlfriend is always around to help support her partner when in need. So, whenever Denver needs to hit the books and make sure science backs up his routines, you can bet your behind Brooke is there ready to help him out.

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