The Best Barbells & Plates For Intense Home Workouts

Synergee Cast Iron Plates

  • Best Value
  • Convenient Handles
  • High Durability 

Synergee Bumper Plates

  • Keeps Floors Safe From Damage
  • Great for Heavy Weight Training

Rogue Competition Plates

  • IWF Approved
  • Minimal Bounce
  • Rubber Flanges for Reduced Wear 

The Almighty Barbell

In the performance based world of lifting, their is no tool more versatile then the barbell. Utilized by many or all athletes looking to improve strength and explosiveness, it is irreplaceable due in part to its ability to possess extreme weight in foundational strength exercises. These exercises are known as compound movements, meaning they require the movement of multiple joints to complete a repetition. Multiple movements equate to multiple muscles, and the more muscle used, the higher the weight increase on the movement.

Barbells achieve a specific weight through the loading of weighted plates that can come in the form of cast iron, machined steel, or some form of metal with a thick layer of rubber that makes them suitable for dropping from height called "bumper plates". These plates typically are available in weighted increments of 2.5lbs, 5lbs, 10lbs, 25lbs, 35lbs, 45lbs and 55lbs. This gives you the ability to load the barbell with a specific weight to suit your training needs.

Their does exist a number of specialty barbells that are purpose made for certain movements, a consideration for those who have the space and budget, as their use is by no means a necessity. In most cases they are supplemented into regular barbell training to change the strength pattern or change the area of joint stress in the movement.

When all is said and done, adding a barbell to your collection will be a welcome addition to your fitness journey. A properly cared for barbell can easily last you multiple decades, retaining a good deal of its value when your ready to let it go. With that being said, lets take a look at some of the products we recommend you take a look at.

Standard Olympic Barbells

Rogue Ohio Power Bar

Great Well Rounded Option

If what your looking for is a barbell that can do it all and handle any stress you can possibly put it through, the Ohio Power Bar is a great option.

Coming in at the current price of $290.00, it is on the cheaper end of Rogue's high quality barbells.

This barbell, weighing in at 45lbs, is made with a 205,000 psi tensile strength shaft at a diameter of 29mm making it a rigid option with little to no whip. The knurling is quite aggressive and deep meaning it will improve grip ability and take longer to wear down.

It has single powerlifting ring marks with a patch of knurling in the center of the bar for added grip for backsquats. This bar has bronze bushings and 16.25'' of loadable sleeve length. It can also come in a variety of different finishes for a little extra cost, black zinc or cerakote to name a few.

Whether your a casual lifter or an aspiring athlete trying to reach the upper limits of your capabilities, the Ohio Power Bar is a high quality option that will see your needs met.


  • Lifetime bending warranty
  • Deep knurling
  • Made in U.S.A


  • Center knurling unwanted grip for some movements
  • Thick bar diameter may cause grip issues

Synergee Essential Barbell

Utilitarian Budget Option

For those out there who are looking for a barbell for their home gym, this is a great budget option.

This barbell is as standard as they come, with the exception of weighing in at only 40lbs. It has 2'' Olympic sleeves with an overall length of 86''. smooth in the center with 2 rings in the medium depth knurling.

The main drawback of this barbell is its relatively low capacity of 400lbs. For most people this will be more then enough, but it should still be noted.

As a new lifter or someone looking for an addition their home gym this barbell is a great choice, at its current price of $159.95 the exercise selection it will add to your arsenal will be well worth the value.


  • Great price
  • Flexible


  • Low capacity

Titan Fitness Cerakote Olympic Barbell

1500lbs Capacity American Steel

If you want a high quality olympic barbell that can be used for explosive Olympic lifts or slower powerlifting movements, Titan Fitness has a great option for you.

Made from American steel with a tensile strength of 190,000 psi and a bar diameter of 28.5mm this barbell has a more rigid structure, capable of weights up to 1500lbs.

This bar comes with a smooth center and dual multi-purpose knurl rings. The knurling is of medium texture to keep skin damage to a minimum.

The price of the barbell is rather high at $359.99, but your definetly getting what you pay for. The cerakote coating will keep this barbell rust free for ages, combined with its high weight capacity this barbell will be able to stand all kinds of stresses and easily last for multiple decades.


  • Lifetime bending warranty
  • Good non abrasive knurling
  • Flexible


  • No center knurling

Rogue Olympic Weightlifting Bar 

High Quality Olympic Barbell

This beautiful stainless steel bar is sure to last the test of time with its high tensile strength of 200,000 psi as well as the unmatched oxidization resistance of stainless steel.

Made with Rogue's exclusive knurl pattern it maintains the ability to give you a good grip without the sharp abrasiveness of other barbells.

This bar comes with a smooth center and standard Olympic style knurl rings. Using German made 5 needle bearings per sleeve.

If your focus is on weightlifting or crossfit, this high quality barbell is a great option for you. It has a good amount of whip that is required in the clean and jerk, with medium depth knurling for less skin damage. That makes it especially good for crossfit where there are a high amount of repetitions.

This bar is also a great option for general compound exercises as well, the only real disadvantage is the lack of knurling for backsquat grip. Other then that it will be more then sufficient for exercises like bench press and deadlift.


  • Lifetime bending warranty
  • Good non abrasive knurling
  • Flexible


  • No center knurling

Powerlifting Barbells

Rogue Ohio Deadlift Bar 

The One That's Good For Everything

For those looking for a barbell specifically for deadlifting, Rogue's Ohio Deadlift bar has the ideal specifications to max your potential.

Made with a 190,000 psi tensile strength shaft at 27mm diameter with a longer then average overall length(90.50''), giving it a good deal of flexibility or "whip" in the bar making it break from the floor later then that of a more rigid construction.

The knurling on this bar contains no center pattern and is about as aggressive as the Ohio Power bar.

This bar has one powerlifting ring on each side and weighs 45lbs with a current price of $345.00, this can be a considerable expense unless you are planing to use it as your main barbell.

Even though this bar is purpose made for deadlifts, their is nothing stopping you using it for other compound exercises, just keep in mind the additional flexibility will require extra balancing of the weight. This makes it less then ideal for squat and bench press, but if your main focus is the deadlift above all then I would highly recommend this barbell.


  • Lifetime bending warranty
  • Extra flexibility
  • Easiest to grip


  • Flexibility limits its potential for other movements
  • Larger length may be unwanted in some setups

Synergee Rhino Powerlifting Barbell

A Barbell For Serious Powerlifters

Made to withstand loads up to 1500lbs this barbell is for those who are truly testing the limits of their capabilities.

Made with a 190,000 psi tensile strength shaft at 29mm diameter, this product is a rigid, highly durable barbell capable of the most aggressive lifting you could possibly exhibit.

Synergee's volcano knurling makes this bar rather aggressive on the hands but for powerlifting, thats what most people want. It also has a strip of center knurling for added squat grip.

With a current price of $239.95 this barbell is a great option for those who practice powerlifting movements and want to see how high their ceiling truly is.


  • High capacity
  • Durable
  • Aggressive knurling


  • Center knurling unwanted in some movements
  • Thicker bar diameter may cause grip problems

Specialty Barbells

Synergee EZ Curl Barbell

Great Price And Good Quality

If your wrist mobility is anything like mine, many exercises with a straight barbell can cause discomfort and in some cases, pain.

Synergee's EZ curl bar is an affordable option at the current price of $79.95 keeps you comfortable and injury free without having to break the bank.

With a recommended load limit of 450lbs you can put it through a lot of punishment with no worries. Lightly knurled with the exception of the center, this bar will be easy to grip and keep your hands damage free.

This is an option mainly for those who already have a regular barbell in their possession. Its a great option, but the curved nature of the bar as well as its short length makes it non ideal for many movements.


  • Wrist flexibility
  • Affordable
  • Gentle Knurling


  • Limited Uses
  • Short Sleeves

Synergee Hex Trap Bar

Most Affordable Trap Bar

If your in the market for a trap bar look no further. Synergee's Hex Trap Bar is an incredibly affordable option coming in at the current price of $69.95.

With a modest load limit of 500lbs it will suit the vast majority of lifters, but if your in the 1% that will be breaking that barrier, Synergee has the option to upgrade it to a slightly beefier product with a 750lbs limit.

The top handles are free of knurling which may be an issue for some. A pair of lifting straps may be essential for those who plan on going heavy.

The sleeve length on this product is 10'' for standard 2'' Olympic plates. An ample amount of space to load the desired weight. It only weighs 15lbs so it will be no trouble to move around, and may be an ideal option for seniors with its low base weight.


  • Incredible Price
  • High Capacity


  • No Knurling
  • Limited Exercises

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