Benefits of Strength Training – 7 Reasons to Pick Up a Barbell Now

Benefits of Strength Training – 7 Reasons to Pick Up a Barbell Now, December 2021

Getting stronger isn't all about looking better and boosting your ego. The benefits of strength training go way beyond improving your physique.

Wondering what else you could gain from lifting weights? Well, there are 7 main benefits I discuss that make strength training a must in your daily fitness and lifestyle routine.

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Benefits of Strength Training Graphic

Benefits Of Strength Training infographic

Here is the detailed list of 7 awesome reasons to make strength training a part of your life.

1. More Muscle Mass

Here is one of the more obvious benefits of strength training so I'll get it out of the way first.

Your body is excellent at adapting to the demands you put on it. Its capability to adapt is the reason that training works in the first place. Getting stronger is not just lifting more weight on the bar.

Increasing the amount of weight, the reps you do, the total number of sets and the speed that you perform a rep all indicate that you have gotten stronger. Your body will adapt to these demands by increasing the size and amount of muscle you have on your body over time.

This is without a doubt the primary reason people begin strength training or any barbell training like Olympic lifting, powerlifting, Crossfit, or even Strongman training. 

2. Stronger Bones and Connective Tissue

Your body will, not only adapt to the demands of strength training by increasing muscle size, it can also adapt by increasing the strength of your bones as well [1].

it's very important for keeping you strong and reducing fracture risks, especially as you age. As an extra benefit, strength training can help improve your balance and connective tissue strength as well.

3. Everyday Tasks Become Easier

Almost everything is easier when you are stronger.

Carrying shopping bags, climbing stairs, moving furniture and even just getting up out of a chair. Everybody would like an easier life so why not train for one.

4. Keeps You Leaner

As mentioned in reason #1, strength training increases the muscle mass on your body. Not only does the muscle itself improve your physique, it can improve it even further by making it easier to burn fat.

You may have heard that muscle will rev up your metabolism and burn more calories while you rest. This is true but it is often overhyped and may not make as much of a difference as some people say [3].

What probably has more of an effect on calorie burn, is that those with increased muscle mass have been shown to burn more calories after their workouts [4]. Making for more effective workouts all round.

5. Reduces Risks of Disease and Illness

Increased bone density, as covered in number 2, can help prevent and improve symptoms of osteoporosis.

Other Illnesses and diseases, such as Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis and diabetes have all been shown to be improved by physical activity that includes a form of resistance training [5] [6].

There has also been some talk that it could cut risk of certain cancers by up to 40% [7]

6. Benefits Your Mental State and Energy Levels

Anxiety, depression, brain function, memory, chronic fatigue and sleep quality all have had evidence to show that they can be improved upon with regular resistance and strength training [8].

Lifting can improve your confidence and make you feel proud of progress, but the hidden benefit is that it is helping produce dopamine in a natural and healthy way to promote better cognitive function.

7. Sense of Achievement

Getting to the gym regularly is hard work, it’s made even harder when you aren’t progressing. With strength training, you will be constantly progressing and the numbers will be right there in front of you to see.

This really one of the less though of benefits of strength training. But, a very important one.

Heading to the gym becomes exciting and much more motivating when you can physically see your progress from week to week.

It also feels damn good to hit a new deadlift, squat, or bench press PR!

Final Thoughts

I'm sure after reading this, you're now itching to get yourself in the gym and picking up some barbells.

If you happen to be new to the gym and want to get into strength training from square one, check out my article on how to conquer your first day in the gym.


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Afton Jackson - April 27, 2022

Experiencing reduced risk of diseases by participating in strength training was something I really liked reading about. This could be a great way to properly train my body to be more immune and have more time to exercise rather than staying inside sick. I’ll take strength training classes from a local fitness instructor as early as now.


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