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No matter what decade we are in, creatine is always going to be a hot topic sparking controversial discussions.

You might have heard from your friends or from a TV doctor that creatine isn’t safe, but I’m quickly going to dispel that one and say it’s not true.

Creatine is completely safe to use and there is science behind it to back it up. There have been constant studies regarding this supplement and they all have come back with zero negative effects, yet people keep making claims against it.

Before I jump into the science however, I want to first talk about what creatine does exactly so you guys can be informed out there.

What Does Creatine Do?

To sum it up quickly, creatine is all about helping you build muscle, make your muscles recover faster, and make them look bigger.

Creatine will pump your muscles with extra water and that will help to give you that extra buff look, even if you aren’t any stronger right away.

But don’t worry, creatine does help your muscles recover stronger and faster, allowing you to get back to the gym and push yourself.

Whenever anyone mentions muscles growing bigger and stronger, people will quickly jump to conclusions and think that steroids are involved.

You don’t have to worry with creatine, as there are no anabolics in them and creatine can be purchased at just about any store as well.

How Does It Work?

There’s a lot of science when it comes to talking about how creatine works and it can get rather complicated.

I’m going to try my best to give you an informed opinion without rambling on about things you’ve never heard of before.

Within your body, you have something called ATP or adenosine triphosphate. This is oxidized with either your fats, carbs, or proteins in your body to help provide you with energy for things like muscle contractions.

In this process however, one of the phosphates is lost and you are left with ADP or adenosine diphosphate.

ADP doesn’t have much use in the body, but this is where creatine comes back in and saves the day.

Creatine gives that ADP an extra phosphate grouping to turn it back into ATP. That will then provide your body with more energy for it to accomplish its goals.

That is the main science behind creatine and as you can see, there’s nothing to worry about.

Is All Creatine The Same?

Now that brings me to talking about the best creatine supplements. Walk into any drugstore or supplement store and you’ll find tons of different creatine out there for you to choose from.

Each uses a different formula along with other chemicals to help your body achieve greatness.

When it comes to creatine, most of the time you are taking a powder that you have mixed in with a drink. In terms of reviewing the best creatine supplements, I’m going to talk about the results I got with each one and how they tasted.

Keep in mind that your opinion on taste might differ from mine.

Without further ado, let’s talk about some of the best creatine supplements out there to help you bang out some monster sets at the gym and get you back in there as soon as possible.

Best Creatine Supplements

#1. Beyond Raw Chemistry Labs Creatine HCl - Best Overall Creatine Supplement

There are a few reasons why I love Beyond Raw.

The most important thing to point out is that it is lab grade and sold by a trusted brand like GNC.

I also love it because their lab grade testing means it contains only the highest quality ingredients that are designed to provide you the muscle building you need, but also avoid any banned substance mishaps.

  • Promotes lean body mass and muscle endurance
  • Derived From Natural Flavors
  • Gluten and dairy free
  • Lab-certified quality

The main reason why I ranked this product number one is what it did for me. There are plenty of creatine supplements out there on the market that claim to work wonders but fall short.

This is without a doubt one of the best creatine supplements out there and I have been feeling stronger and doing better than I ever have.

#2. MuscleTech Cell Tech Elite Creatine - Best for Energy

MuscleTech comes in a variety of flavors such as orange, grape, and fruit punch and it is guaranteed to help give you that extra kick in your workout that you are looking for.

It comes with a lot of additional sugar to help give you that rush of energy along with some BCAAs.

For those who are new to the workout world and the world of supplements, BCAAs are amino acids that are often included in pre-workouts.

  • Increase Cell Volumization
  • Enhance strength
  • Improve recovery
  • Build more muscle size and strength

This is to help give you that energy that you need to get through your workouts. MuscleTech also comes with taurine, a prominent ingredient in energy drinks. Taurine can help to deliver a boost to your mental cognition as well.

When I took MuscleTech, I could see why people were raving about the amount of energy that they got from it.

The 5g of creatine per serving is fantastic, but the energy it gives you makes it one of the best creatine supplements out there.

If you are feeling exhausted before your workout, simply take some of this to not only increase your gains, but get the energy that you need.

#3. Optimized Nutrition Micronized Creatine Powder - Best for Mixing

As the name of the brand implies, their supplements are attempting to optimize your nutrition and the creatine doesn't fall short in that aspect.

The best aspect of their supplements is not only that they've been trusted for so long as a good middle-ground for quality, but they're very affordable as well.

It’s a plain creatine, and personally I enjoy it that way as there are less additives and sugars in the formula.

  • Increase Muscle Mass
  • Promote Weight Gain
  • Boost Anaerobic Strength
  • Support brain and cognitive function

Containing 5g of creatine, I bought a large amount of it and was not disappointed. I still have some lying around my house and for the cost, I can’t complain at all. It also comes in capsule form if that's your thing.

It’s going to do what your standard creatine does and while other products might have fancier formulas or additives, this is going to provide you with the best experience out there cost wise.

#4. NOW Sports Micronized Creatine Monohydrate Pure Powder - Best for Budget

As the name of the company implies, I’ve found that bulk supplements give you the best creatine supplements if you are looking to purchase them in bulk.

If you are looking to buy only a smaller amount, you can definitely save some money with the other choices, however if you are looking to buy large quantities, you can’t go wrong with bulk supplements.

It’s a plain creatine, and personally I enjoy it that way as there are less additives and sugars in the formula.

  • Muscle Growth & Strength
  • Power & Vigor
  • Quick Recovery
  • Low-cost for bulk size

NOW Micronized Creatine isn't considered one of the higher quality products, but it is by no means bad. The one thing I can say is that the size you get for the price is outstanding, which makes it excellent for budgeting bodybuilders.

Containing 4.2g of creatine, I bought a large amount of it and was not disappointed. I still have some lying around my house and for the cost, I can’t complain at all.

It’s going to do what your standard creatine does and while other products might have fancier formulas or additives, this is going to provide you with the best experience out there cost wise.

#5. GHOST Size - Best for Muscle Retention

What I found with this creatine was that it was one of the best creatine supplements out there when it came to muscle retention.

This is due to the mixture of ingredients. GHOST Size isn't a traditional pure creatine, it's also intended to energize and increase mass.

If taking a break from the gym but don’t want to worry about losing muscle, this is a creatine you should consider taking.

  • Increased Strength/Lean Muscle Mass
  • Improved Recovery
  • Greater Endurance
  • Premium Grade Supplement

It has a few interesting flavors, especially the green apple. I’ve mentioned before that I prefer my supplements to not be flavored, but this is an exception as it has incredible taste.

This creatine also does contain pre-workout ingredients so it can function in that sense as well.

Overall this is one of the best creatine supplements out there like all of the products I have on this list.

Final Thoughts

When looking at all of these products, I can confidently say that these are some of the best creatine supplements out there.

It is all about finding what you want out of your supplement and then pushing yourself to get results.

Creatine isn’t a magical substance that is going to make you strong or make you lose weight instantly. It’s going to help you, but only if you are getting to the gym and working out as you should. 

I love pounding out a workout after I’ve taken creatine and you should get into the habit of doing it well. Find the best creatine supplement for yourself and see what personal records you can break.

Denver Matheson

I spend a lot of time at the gym and even more time in the kitchen giving my body what it needs to repair itself and grow stronger. The third most important place for any athlete is their research zone. That's exactly why this site exists, to help me share all of the information I've learned throughout the years just like people did for me in the first place!

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