Best Massage Gun Black Friday Deals

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It’s that time of year again, folks: Time for brands to slash product prices and push sales to move inventory for the holidays. Yup, believe it or not, your favorite GGR product experts are already sifting through webpage after webpage to find the very best Black Friday sales, including the best massage gun Black Friday Deals. 

Ahead, find the best prices on massage guns we’ve found so far this year. We’ll continue to update this page with new deals on massage guns. 

Best Black Friday Massage Gun Deals for 2022

  • Therabody: Find savings on the Theragun Mini for a limited time!
  • HyperIce: Get up to $20 off select HyperIce massage guns while supplies last
  • Urikar: ALL massage guns are 40% off, automatically applied at checkout!
  • Hydragun: Stay tuned for Hydragun Black Friday sales on massage guns
  • Yunmai: Keep an eye out for Black Friday savings on Yunmai massage guns
  • Everyfun: Enjoy $70 in savings on select massage guns
  • Relxbit: Up to $50 in savings on massage guns

Other Black Friday Deals

Theragun Black Friday Deals

Theragun are considered the cream of the crop for massage guns and come with some higher price tags, but the quality and design for massage guns like the Theragun Mini and Theragun Prime are undeniable.

From November 20th - November 28th, Theragun will be offering their holiday deals, where you can save up to $100 off select massage guns.

Check out the Theragun by Therabody store page on Amazon as well for deals.

HyperIce Black Friday Deals

HyperIce is another great brand that offers high quality massage guns that will be offering Black Friday deals on amazing massagers like the Hypervolt 2 and Hypervolt 2 Pro.

Check out the HyperIce store page at Amazon for more deals.

Amazon Black Friday Massage Gun Deals

Amazon is a big participator in Black Friday and that will include hundreds of different brands and models of massage guns.

From budget models to more brand name ones like Theragun and HyperIce, make sure to keep monitoring as the month progresses.

Keep an eye out on their selection of massage guns and the massager tools that will be on sale all month, and deals closer to Black Friday/Cyber Monday.

Best Buy Black Friday Massage Gun Deals

Best Buy is a brand that you usually think of TVs, gaming consoles, computers, and products like that, but they do have massage guns in stock.

These massagers are part of their currently ongoing Black Friday deals from October 25th until November 25th. You'll be able to find deals on Theragun, HyperIce, and other brands. 

Find Best Buy Black Friday massage gun deals here.

Walmart Black Friday Massage Gun Deals

Walmart will be partaking in tons of Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals as they always do, which means amazing savings on all kinds of fitness equipment - including massage guns.

Walmart has an excellent selection of budget to high-end massagers that will be on sale all month.

Find Walmart Black Friday massage gun deals here.

Target Black Friday Massage Gun Deals

Target is another big-box retailer that will be offering tons of Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals throughout the month, and closer to the actual holiday shopping weekend.

You'll find tons of deals on name brand massagers at their site to help you save money.

Find Target Black Friday massage gun deals here.

How to Get the Best Black Friday Massage gun Deals

Massage guns aren't going to break the bank like some of the other equipment I've covered, but that doesn't mean that they're cheap at times either. Black Friday deals are certainly going to help you save money, but you can do more to keep on budget.

First, remember that Black Friday/Cyber Monday is at the end of the month, and deals will be popping up all month long, even into December, so keep checking different sites, different deals - and remember to use my Black Friday deals resources!

Finding a good massage gun to help with your workout recovery shouldn't be stressful, so use some of these tips on how to get the best Black Friday deals on massage guns.

Make a Budget and Plan ahead

Like I said, some massage guns are under $100, while others are over $300, it's all about setting a budget for how much you want to spend and planning ahead.

Figure out how much you want to spend, what your upper limit of spending is, and how much you're going to save with certain deals.

Secondly, plan ahead! Always ask yourself what features and performance you're looking for from a massage gun. Questions like:

  • What size massager do you need? - Would you like a mini model, portable, or does size not matter.
  • Do you want Bluetooth? - Personalize your massage routines wirelessly.
  • How many speeds do you need? - Is 3 speed settings okay or should it feature more for variety.
  • How much power is necessary for your massage gun? - More power for deeper tissue relief or is light massaging okay.
  • Do you need long battery life? - Will you be using this massager for long periods of time.
  • How many attachments/extras do you want for your massage gun? - Additional heads or massager accessories for different massages.

Best Black Friday Massage Gun Deals - FAQs

What Are the Best and Cheapest massage guns?

Here are my top picks for cheapest and best massage guns:

Best Overall: Theragun Prime

Best Runner-Up Massage Gun: Opove Apex Massage Gun

Best Mini Massage Gun: Theragun Mini

Best Budget Massage Gun: RecoverFun Mini Massage Gun

Best Batter Life: Ekrin Athletics B37 Massage Gun

Best Deep Tissue Massage Gun: Theragun Pro

Best HyperIce Massage Gun: HyperIce Volt 2

Will There Be Cyber Monday Deals for Massage Guns?

Yes, and while Cyber Monday is often associated with high-tech gadgetry like phones, laptops, VR headsets and more, plenty of retailers like Best Buy, Amazon, Target, Walmart, etc. will have excellent deals on massage guns for Cyber Monday.

Is There a Difference Between a Handheld Massager and a Massage Gun?

Nope, they are the same thing. Often though, handheld massagers will be less powerful as a massage gun and have less features and attachments to help with most muscle tissue relief.

Is a Massage Gun Better Than a Foam Roller?

A foam roller and a massage gun are both good because they serve different purposes. A massage gun will provide more power for deeper tissue muscle relief, while a foam roller is cheaper, lighter, and doesn't require any charging. 

Both are great options for workout recovery and general body health.

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