Bowflex VeloCore Bike Review

Bowflex VeloCore Bike Review

When it comes to training and workout equipment there is no argument that Bowflex delivers, clean, elegant equipment designed to get the job done.

This time around we are going to be discussing the Bowflex VeloCore Bike.

This stationary bike is the luxury version of the C6 stationary bike from Bowflex and offers some interesting and exciting upgrades that are sure to garner attention. 

One of the most noticeable features of the VeloCore bike is that it can lean with your workout to increase immersion and train your core.

This is only the second bike stationary bike on the market that is capable of leaning and stationary cycling positions. 

Why a Stationary Bike?

Working out on a stationary bike has several major benefits that most people should be aware of when making a decision to purchase one of these expensive pieces of equipment.

The stationary bike, along with treadmills, are some of the most commonly found pieces of equipment in most homes. 

If you're looking to get a Bowflex VeloCore, you'll be happy to learn everything there is.

#1. Cardio

Cycling boosts your overall cardio level, strengthening your heart, lungs, and muscles.

Prolonged exercise can lead to increased oxygen and blood flow throughout your body which in turn offers a number of health benefits, such as improved brain function, decreased blood pressure, better sleep, mood, immune system, etc.

#2. Weight Loss

Calories in and calories out, you can’t beat the physics of it. If you want to lose weight you have to burn more calories than you are taking in. Cardio exercise, specifically on a stationary bike can burn upwards of 600 calories per hour at an intense pace.

High-intensity workouts have been proven to burn fat and combined with a low-calorie diet, results will begin to show in no time.

#3. Low-Impact

One of the difficulties in losing weight is that a lot of cardio movements such as jogging are high-impact activities that wreak havoc on joints, let alone on a larger individual’s joints.

Personally, I find any type of running activity to be very difficult for me due to my knees feeling like they are going to explode. I prefer low-impact exercises for my cardio which is exactly what the VeloCore provides.

The VeloCore is a great option for those who have difficulties with high-impact forms of exercise.

#4. Strengthen Muscles

Stationary bikes are fantastic for training the legs and lower body muscle groups. Using higher resistance levels will increase the growth potential of your muscles as well.

Most stationary bikes focus on the legs, rightfully so with a cycling motion, but the VeloCore offers one more trick up its sleeve. The leaning motion of the bike also allows you to train the muscles in your core for balancing while pedaling on the bike.  

#5. Interval Training

Stationary bikes are one of the best choices, especially for low-impact HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) training.

This specific type of training alternates bursts of intense exercise with longer intervals of less intense exercise. This type of training has been proven to be super effective in burning more calories in less time.

The ability to vary the resistance level on the bike from low, medium and high is also a big part of HIIT and makes it easy to vary the intensities. 

#6. Safety

The road can be a dangerous place for cyclists, commuters are always in a hurry and danger is always present. Stationary bikes eliminate the need for roads and offer better more comfortable and efficient exercise at home.

The comfort of not having to leave home, nearby amenities, and entertainment is a tough idea to beat. 

Not only that, but indoor conditions are always ideal. Outdoors can be too cold, hot, or wet to enjoy your exercise.

When was the last time you felt like going out in a heatwave to cycle and exercise? With stationary bikes, you can cycle in the comfort of your air-conditioned home, and not have to worry about dressing for the weather.  


Now that we’ve gone through the benefits of why it’s a good idea to exercise and invest in a stationary bike, let’s take a closer look at the VeloCore.

At first glance, the VeloCore bike is a sleek and elegantly designed stationary bike with a black finish and some red trim for highlights.

Upon further inspection, you will find the bike is still elegant and sleek, but that it is also a monster that will leave you clawing for air at the end of your workout.

Most Bowflex equipment is solid and well known in its appearance with a familiar matte black finish and high contrast red trim.

As far as looks go the bike is beautifully crafted and designed most likely standing out as a significant piece in your home gym. 


Coming in at $1699.99 the VeloCore 16in console is pricey being a whole $750 more than the C6. The 22in console VeloCore is $2199.99, so again, it does have a hefty pricetag.

With the most obvious difference being the “un-stationary” pedaling mode, the biggest questions on everyone’s mind are; Is this another exercise gimmick? Is it worth the money? Am I going to actually use that feature?

Many people out there will find themselves second-guessing if this is the right choice for them. I will do my best to help you decide between the options and find out if the extra features are in fact as helpful as they seem on paper. 


When it comes to the features of this bike, it may be easier to list what it doesn’t have. The VeloCore comes oozing with ton’s of features to make your exercise experience as amazing as possible.

Let’s cover some of the options and exclusive features of the VeloCore stationary bike starting with some physical numbers.




Assembled Weight

158.3 lbs

71.8 kg


59.8” L  x 24.1” W x 55.3” H

151.8 x 61.2 x 140.4 cm

Max User Weight

25 lbs

147.4 kg

Min. Ceiling Height

User height + 16”

User height + 40.6 cm

Comfort Features

Along with the big and obvious practical feature, the VeloCore is very well refined coming with plenty of often-overlooked comfort features.

The VeloCore comes with an adjustable seat in both the vertical and horizontal axis while keeping the seat very minimal. Along with the seat, the handlebars and adjustable as well, letting you get as comfortable as possible. 

The VeloCore has dual-sided pedals further increasing your options and immersion level. One side of the pedals has SPD clips for cycling shoes and the other has toe cages for athletic shoes. Either way, there are no excuses to not start pedalling. 

Media Features

The VeloCore comes with a 16 or 22-inch display, the latter being the more commonly found display on modern HD touchscreens.

This is a welcome change from having to use a tablet or phone to connect with your training sessions such as Peloton. 

Some users say the 22-inch display can be a bit overwhelming with the proximity of the user to the screen but I feel most people shouldn’t have any issue considering how much screen time we all already get anyway. 

The VeloCore offers a 2 month free trial to the JRNY experience. The JRNY platform is a smart fitness platform that assesses your fitness level, and provides recommendations based on your ability, time, mood, and the workout experience you enjoy most.

That’s not all the JRNY platform allows you to receive individual adaptive workouts, real-time coaching, entertainment streaming, exploring the world, on-demand classes, as well as rewards and tracking. 

Within the large display you can also find your latest metrics courtesy of the wireless Bluetooth armband that tracks your vitals.

This metrics tracker allows tracking of: Time, interval, Distance, Calories, Burn Rate, Heart Rate, Cadence, Resistance, Lean, and Watts. The speakers on the bike are also Bluetooth in case you aren’t interested in wearing headphone or earphones. 

Multiple Riding Styles

This is the main selling point of the Velo-core. The new “un-stationary” bike is designed to provide a more thorough exercise than most stationary bikes are capable of.

Pedalling while leaning to a side proves to be quite a challenge for somebody who has never really cycled seriously. I felt my core activating as I tried to lean into my turn and push through my HIIT routine.

I must admit that it is surprisingly more difficult than I expected and I would be lying if I didn’t feel a little bit extra sore the next day. 

So to answer the question, No, the leaning function of the bike is not a gimmick and provides a significant increase in difficulty to an already exhausting workout.

I could see a significant amount of core strength being developed from seriously training on the VeloCore and it adds a nice uniqueness that keeps the exercise fresh and exciting. 

That being said, the leaning feature of the VeloCore seems more intended for advanced users perhaps not by intention but by difficulty level.

I don’t see too many average people out there who are going to go out of their way to push themselves extra hard on this. While the idea is a brilliant one for those of us who are always looking to push ourselves that one extra step.

The added muscle targeting and training is just a cherry on top and saves me time having to find a way to exercise those muscles anyway. 

 If the leaning feature is not up your alley or is too difficult for the time being, the bike can revert to a regular stationary bike mode by just locking the pin so the bike can no longer pivot.

This is useful too for those who may not be strong enough at the moment to use the leaning feature but given some time and training would love to benefit from its use. 

The VeloCore bike comes with 100 different magnetic resistance levels to vary to the effort required on the bike. This option is especially useful for HIIT as the variable intensities of the 100 different resistance levels will help with completing the workout. 


When it comes to warranties, Bowflex has been all over the place with them. Offering a 2-year frame, 2-year parts and electronics, and a 1-year labor warranty seems a bit lackluster for a product of such caliber especially from Bowflex.

That being said thought the warranty is still better than anything the competition has to offer.  Extended warranties can also be added after purchase. These types of warranties are usually not recommended due to them almost never being worth it.

In the case of this tech-heavy stationary bike, I would lean towards as much coverage as possible since Bowflex products tend to be a little bit more intricate, and being too prepared is never a bad thing. 

Recommendation and Where to Buy

The VeloCore is an incredible machine of a bike. This thing will kick anybody’s but in regular cycling mode, but activating the leaning feature will absolutely destroy your core in the best stability workout you’ve felt in a long time.

With the best warranty in the business and a media center comparable to the rest of the competition out there, VeloCore is rolling ahead of the competition with a stationary bike that can target much more muscle groups than a standard bike can.

For those seriously interested in pushing their limits and building strength and endurance, this bike is the answer and can be found at Bowflex's official site

For the people out there looking for a more casual workout experience who are just starting or know they won’t go deep into the routines, I recommend starting out with a simpler Bike such as the Bowflex C6 which has very many similar core features excluding the advanced leaning feature.

You can nearly afford two C6 bikes at the cost of only one VeloCore, so if you know the leaning feature is too advanced for you and won’t be used then the C6 is a much more economical choice for you. 

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