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The only thing more exciting than pre-workout is the savings you can get using a C4 coupon code.

Given the number of supplements out there, especially pre-workout and caffeine products, it’s a bit overwhelming. To get over this feeling, you can simply look for C4, a consistent leader in the pre-workout world.

Thankfully, C4 doesn’t use caffeine, unlike a lot of other pre-workout supplements, and they even pack it full of amino acids which are great for overall performance.

Looking for a coupon to save a little extra on the C4 pre-workout? You’re in luck because we have a coupon to help you save some money on C4 Energy and a few other products on the C4 website.

How To Save Money On C4 & Cellucor Products 

C4AFF20: For a one-time purchase, you can use the C4 Energy coupon code, C4AFF20, to save 20 percent off C4 Energy. Note: this code will not work if you subscribe to receive an item every few weeks. 

Subscription: Satisfied with C4 and Cellucor products and plan on buying more? You can sign up to get subscriptions for your favorite products every now and again, usually every few weeks.

Refer a Friend: You can send a friend a referral code with C4’s website, and your friend will get $20 off their first order (order must be $50 or more). You’ll get the same discount once their order is processed.

Free Shipping: With your subscription to C4 and Cellucor, you get free shipping and no fees on your choice of their most popular products.

How To Use The C4 Coupon Code

Option #1: Use the C4 coupon code, simply add it to your order of C4 Energy at checkout. Enter code C4AFF20 to get 20% off of your order.

Option #2: Select the item you want, click subscribe and save. At the checkout page, you’ll be able to pick how often you want the item shipped to you. 

Option #3: On C4’s website, find the “Refer a Friend” page. Enter your friends email address, have them order $50 or more worth of C4 products, and you get $20 off your next order.

Option #4: Subscribe to take advantage of free shipping along with subscriber discount.

When Do C4 Products Go On Sale?

Cellucor C4 Pre-Workout Powder

One of the most popular pre-workouts around, C4 Pre-Workout remains a staple for lifters looking to get the most out of their lifting sessions without the caffeine, but plenty of amino acids.

c4 preworkout

Similar to many fitness brands, C4 has sales pop-up around the holiday seasons. Some holidays and events you can find C4 on sale include:

  • Black Friday/Cyber Monday
  • Memorial Day
  • Fourth of July
  • Labor Day sales
  • December Holidays sales
  • New Year’s Fitness sales

What I Love About C4 

From a personal perspective, the rush and tingle from pre-workout are quite fun, especially knowing you’re about to get a jolt of energy for a workout.

Something that C4 is great for is the use of minimal caffeine (150-200mg per serving), which helps provide energy, without the side effects of high caffeine like headaches, rapid heart rate/irregular heartbeats, etc.

C4 Energy even comes in a variety of flavors, while the pre-workout powder is among the cheapest per serving (~$1) that you can find. It has 1.6 grams of beta-alanine, an amino acid that helps prevent muscular fatigue, and even contains 1g of creatine.

Why Choose C4? 

  • Reasonable doses and ingredients
  • Excellent flavors 
  • Affordable pre-workout
  • Promo code C4AFF20 to save 20% on C4 Energy drinks

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