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The Best Exercises Using a Barbell: The Big Three

When it comes to performing exercises with a barbell, there is no argument as to which ones are the most effective. The Big Three Compound movements; Squats, Deadlifts, and Bench Presses are the gold standard of any worthwhile weightlifting routine. Renowned for their unparalleled ability to build strength, improve muscle mass, and enhance athletic performance, […]

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REP Fitness Old School Iron Plate Review

In the fitness world, the sound of iron clanging is music to those who appreciate the raw and essential nature of strength training. Pumping Iron Power! It’s a sound that embodies the dedication and determination associated with bodybuilders and weightlifters from years past. REP Fitness, a well-respected name in the fitness equipment industry, honors this […]

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How To Lose Weight

How to Lose Weight Effectively  Losing weight is difficult no matter you you are. It’s a long journey filled with obstacles, excuses and temptations to test us at every step of the journey. As if it wasn’t hard enough, lack of information and even misinformation make it that much more difficult. Today I will help […]

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