Concept 2 RowERG Review

Concept 2 RowERG, June 2021

A lot of us have been working out at home and putting our home gyms together over the course of this pandemic.

If you are one of those people putting together workout equipment as you go then you need to put this next piece of equipment on your buy list asap.

The RowERG is a legendary piece of equipment used as a standard for Crossfit and Olympic athletes across the planet.  

Most gyms will have a rower style machine and I would feel safe putting money down that it is most likely a Concept 2 RowERG machine. 

What Is The RowERG?

The Concept 2 RowERG which is formerly known as the Model D is in my humble opinion the best rowing machine available on the market and arguably one of the best built and designed pieces of gym equipment in general.

This machine is used as a standard piece of equipment for Crossfit competitions and you bet it can handle whatever you can throw at it.  

The rowing machine is capable of providing a more comprehensive full-body workout than alternative fitness machines.

Not only can this machine kick your butt, but due to its low impact motion, the machine is perfect for those performing rehabilitation exercises as well. 

Why Would You Want A RowERG?

Want to train like a pro? This is definitely one of the best ways you can get a workout just like the pros do because they use the exact same machine!

Seriously, this thing is built so tough and well that it’s stocked in almost every gym and used in every competition requiring a machine of this type.

The best part of this machine is the full body workout this machine provides is perfect for everybody. You will see results and benefits from using this machine for at least a minimum of 15 min a day.

The full body workout will have your muscles toned up in no time at all. Weight Loss. Many people out there want to do something about their weight but can’t use certain machines due to weight limits, a bit counterintuitive design if you ask me. The RowERG is built tough and can handle 500lbs while also providing a low impact exercise. 

Not only is it difficult to exercise while overweight but it can be painful on the joints when doing high or even medium impact activities too. The low impact aspect of working out on the RowERG is another huge reason to want one.

It is beneficial to everyone to do more low-pact but effective sports. Training on the RowERG is both effective and low-impact, also making it perfect for anybody going through a rehab program.

Lastly, I don’t know about you but I don’t enjoy any electronics except some music during my exercises. I don’t like getting distracted and I appreciate the bare bones nature of this machine.

The PM5 monitor is simple yet provides you with all you need to know and more if you choose to connect yourself to your phone. I love that I power the monitor using my own effort and it adds to the feel of the workout. 

Features Of The RowERG

Reliable Performance Monitor - PM5

The PM5 is the same monitor that was on the Model D version of the machine and that is just fine as the PM5 is perfect for the job.  The monitor tracks the usual suspects; distance, speed, pace, calories burned, and wattage.

The figures are tracked on a clear, backlit display that is powered by 2 D cell batteries and prolonged by the power produced during your workout.

The monitor is positioned using an adjustable arm and is USB compatible and built for machine-to-machine racing.

Bluetooth Connectivity

The PM5 monitor is Bluetooth and ANT+ compatible allowing you to connect to your own heart rate monitor and your smartphone. Connecting to Bluetooth allows you to view your results more in depth on your smartphone after you have caught your breath. 

The PM5 monitor app allows you to connect online for a more immersive training experience. This includes connecting with others for a live competition or a more involved coaching experience with a live trainer.  

The PM5 is open-source which means there are plenty of third-party apps that are able to connect with the PM5 monitor.

Two Height Options

The machine comes standard with a seat height of 14 inches and the taller legs that have to be purchased separately elevate you to 20 inches.

The added seat height does not add anything in terms of performance but can be more useful to those who may have injuries and could use the extra few inches of struggle to get in and out of this machine.

This is  especially true for anybody after a solid workout on this rowing machine. 

Easy Assembly and Storage

The best part of the assembly is that there pretty much is no complicated assembly. The only task ahead of your workout is installing the front legs of the machine. All the tools are provided and the instructions are very clearly illustrated and understandable. 


Once you are done assembling your machine and using it for the first time you may need to store it out of the way depending on your space requirements.

Folded in half the machine takes up 25” x 33”x 54” when stored with standard legs and 27” x 47” x 54” when stored with tall legs. It is still quite large even when folded and can be difficult to hide if not using a dedicated workout space. 

Using the RowERG

As I previously mentioned, I am not a fan of too much electronics in my workout equipment so the bare bones feel of sitting in the machine felt good right off the bat.

It doesn’t feel like a gimmick that needs LCD screens and such to feign effectiveness. The machine is a little bit low to the ground as I was using the standard legs and was a bit awkward getting into the seat. Once I got rowing I adjusted the Damper to a suitable warm up setting and kept on going. 

Getting into the rhythm of rowing takes a bit of time but once you get it the action feels smooth, powerful and focused. I’m not a fan of running and high-pact sports so using this machine felt like a godsend.

I cranked up the intensity and found myself getting really worked up very quickly. The ability to push my intensity as far as I wanted without fear of injuring myself is severely underrated in the RowERG.

I love the movement of the row and it just feels much more satisfying than running on a treadmill or elliptical.  15 minutes went by in a flash and I didn’t even notice because I was actually enjoying the effort.

It feels more involved and focused as opposed to how I feel on a treadmill. I went for a few more minutes at a higher intensity to push myself for this finish and I must say that the next day I felt my soreness all over my body, and know that this machine delivers exactly the workout I want. Effective and 

RowERG Specs

  • Price: $900
  • Price + tall legs: $1,050
  • Overall Length - 96”
  • Width - 24”
  • Seat Height - 14” standard or 20” with tall legs
  • Rail Length - 53”
  • Machine Weight + Standard Legs - 57lbs 
  • Machine Weight + Tall Legs - 67lbs
  • Max User Weight - 500 lbs
  • Power Requirements - 2x D cell Batteries
Shipping Dimensions:
  • Standard Legs - 1 box - 15” x 21.5” x 56” 
  • Tall Legs - 2 boxes - 15” x 21.5” x 56”, 12.5” x 21.5” x 27”

Space Recommendations:
  • 8’ x 2’ when assembled
  • 9’ x 4’ required clearance for use

  • 25” x 33”x 54” when stored with standard legs

  • 27” x 47” x 54” when stored with tall legs

The Best Place to Buy A RowERG

I got my RowERG from the Rogue Fitness website. This way it came with a 2 year limited warranty on all parts as well as a 5 year warranty on the frame. 

You also get the added benefit of getting a 30-day money back guarantee, allowing you to return the product for any reason if you are unsatisfied with it. 

Having the security and peace of mind with reliable warranty is nice especially when making significant equipment purchases. 

Would I Recommend the RowERG?

Yes, absolutely, I would recommend this amazing piece of equipment to anybody and everybody looking to lose some weight, gain some muscle, tone up, or just start rehabilitating some muscle injury. 

Those who would find the most benefit out of this machine are users on the heavier side looking for a machine that can work with them and help them reach their goals.

Anybody looking to put this in a high use area such as a workplace gym or office gym can rest easy knowing this The RowERG is built to last and can handle it all.

Lastly, those, like me, who are not super into electronic gadgets and prefer the more natural experience will really enjoy using this machine. The bare-bones frame and monitor are right up our alley and help us focus on what is important, our exercise. 

Those who may not enjoy the machine are those who don’t want a loud fan blowing air everywhere, especially in a tiny and cramped apartment.

While the belt driven flywheel is quieter than the chain counterparts, the fan itself is very noisy and not suitable for apartments. The seat is also quite small on this machine and those looking for a bit more bum space might need to modify or look for something else. 

Overall, this machine will deliver everything it can as long as you keep working at it. The full-body exercise is beyond productive for losing weight and toning. I recommend anyone looking to get in shape for a specific date take a close look at what 30 min a day on this machine can do for them.

If you can afford the price tag that the RowERG comes with then this is going to be one of the best pieces of exercise equipment you are ever going to buy. 

Denver Matheson

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