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Supplements can be found far and wide. Some for cheap, some for not-so-cheap, and it can be difficult to narrow down where and who you should buy from.

Luckily, GNC is one of the most reputable sites to get supplements. Not only of their own GNC brand, but tons of the most well-known supplements out there. Best of all, this guide will help you find deals on their site so I've done all the scouring for coupons and discounts for you.

Looking for discounts to save extra when buying supplements from GNC? You’re in the right place because I've found ways to help you save some money on supplements from the GNC website.

How to Save Money on GNC Products

Here’s how you can save a bit on your next REP Fitness purchase: 

  • Deals Page - GNCs loves to advertise their deals when they happen (which is often) and has a dedicated deals page to check out. 
  • BOGO/BOGOF Deals - BOGO (buy one get one free) deals are common on GNCs website and you can find all kinds of supplements and products. They also offer BOGOF (buy one get one free) deals on other products.
  • Special Offers - Similar deals, GNC will put on special offers on their own brand supplements and help you save money on supplements from other brands they sell.
  • Clearance - Products that are due to be removed from their site store will go on clearance sale often.
  • My GNC Rewards - When you sign-up for a free account you can be eligible for My GNC Rewards, which allows you to receive 3% cashback on all purchases on the GNC site.
  • Refer a Friend - Referring a friend with your unique link allows you to save $10 on your next order over $75.

When Do GNC Products Go On Sale?

Similar to many fitness brands, GNC has sales pop-up around the holiday seasons. Some holidays and events you can find GNC on sale include:

  • Black Friday/Cyber Monday
  • Memorial Day
  • Fourth of July
  • Labor Day sales
  • December Holidays sales
  • New Year’s Fitness sales
  • Flash Sales

What I Love About GNC

Aside from the obvious fact that GNC is one of the leading names in the fitness and health supplement industry, they offer some of the best selection for various reasons.

You can find GNC-branded supplements that range from testosterone boosters, pre-workouts, multivitamins, and so much more, you can find some of the biggest name brands from other supplement providers.

Optimum Nutrition, Ghost, Jym, Beyond Raw, and many more are available on GNC for some of the best prices around.

If you're looking to find the biggest and best supplements on the internet, then the GNC store is one that should get bookmarked ASAP.

Ghost Whey Protein

Combining 25g of protein per scoop and the delicious Oreo flavor (plus 6 other flavors) we all know and love, Ghost Whey Protein is one of my top-choices for delicious and nutritious protein powder.

ghost whey protein

Why Choose GNC?

  • Excellent selection of in-house supplements and brand-name supplements
  • Reputable and trustworthy
  • GNC supplement routines/stack building resources
  • Cashback rewards and recurring supplement subscription for site members.
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