Home Gym Storage: Organizing Your Workout Space

Home Gym Storage Organizing Your Workout Space, December 2021

You all know that I love going to the gym and getting a workout, but as I’ve alluded to in other blog posts, there are definitely days when I’m either tired or lacking the motivation to get out of the house and go to the gym.

In those cases, I don’t write the day off and decide that I’m not going to work, instead I go to my home gym which is filled with many different pieces of equipment that I can use to get my workout done.

There’s a lot more to a gym however than just the equipment that you have in there. While an actual gym has a ton of room and doesn’t really need to worry about any space management, your home on the other hand is going to have plenty of storage issues.

If you don’t keep your space clean and tidy, you are going to quickly find yourself out of storage space.

This is why home gym storage is essential if you plan on working out at home. Before I go over some of the products that I think are the best for gym storage in your own home, I’m going to talk about the benefits of gym storage along with the problems you can run into if you don’t have proper gym storage.

I’m not going to lie, when I first created my home gym, it was great, but it was an absolute mess. What started as a clean and organized area turned into a cluttered disaster.

I was then finding it difficult to even perform basic workouts. Before I could go about finding a solution however, I first had to identify the problem.

I learned that having an adequate amount of gym storage would work and would allow me to get the workouts that I needed.

Let’s talk about some of the major benefits of adding gym storage to your home.

The Benefits of Gym Storage

More Space

Living room area with glass panels and wood tiles

If you are using free weights, you probably have several sets of dumbbells. What do you do after you are done working out with them?

By having a dumbbell rack, you can easily just rack your weights up and keep the space clear for more intensive exercises. The same can be said with foldable cardio equipment and benches.

Most people don’t know this, but there are treadmills and bikes that can easily be folded up and then stored in a closet.

This can once again open up room for other exercises and can allow you to easily change the design of your home gym as well.

As soon as I started caring about gym storage, I was able to get more space to do my workouts.

Lower Risk Of Injury

Man resting on the floor with weights by his side

When you are throwing your equipment around and not caring about where things go, it can be very easy for things to either wear down and break slowly over time.

When your equipment starts to break, it can start doing damage to you. 

By storing things properly, you can help keep them in good shape, which means you’re also going to be getting a lot more shelf life out of them.

Using gym storage also means that you are going to be keeping the floor clear. I’ve seen plenty of weightlifters get injured because they tripped over the dumbbells that were at their feet. Clean it up and store it and you’ll be able to workout without worries.

Creating an Organized Space Conducive To Workouts

Getting a good workout isn’t just about the equipment that you have. You have to be mentally into it also.

If your space is messy and cluttered, you’re not going to get the motivation that you need to push yourself to the next level.

By taking the time to organize your gym, you can create a space that truly feels like your own. Before you know it, you’ll be working out in your gym everyday thanks to the gym storage that you created.

These are just a few of the benefits that you can expect to get if you plan on organizing your workout space with gym storage.

The question remains, how can I go about doing so? Fortunately for you guys, I have a list of some of the best gym storage options for you in your home gym.

Some of these pieces of equipment I own myself, while others I have seen and truly think they can take someone’s home gym to the next level.

If you plan on creating a good home gym, you are going to want to check out these gym storage options.

I’ll dive the sections up as well so you can easily find the storage option that you are looking for.

Weight Plate Storage

Rogue Vertical Plate Tree 2.0 - Best Plate Storage Option

When it comes to working out and hitting the bench press, or any barbell exercise, you are going to need to load it up with plates.

These plates are going to have to be stored somewhere, and I fully recommend you take a look into the Rogue Vertical Plate Tree 2.0 for your gym storage needs.

Rogue and I have always gotten along when it comes to products, and once again they have released a quality product that I love and use in my own home. 

This plate tree works like any other plate tree for gym storage, however there are a few modifications to it that I think take it to the next level.

The first is the fact that it comes with a triangle base that has wheels on it. This makes it easy for you to change where you keep your plates stored.

Don’t like them over in the far corner of your gym? No problem, just slide them over to the other side.

There are three tiers of storage on this baby and you can fit three plates on each side. That should be perfect for your gym storage needs at home.

The tiers are evenly spaced out as well and can store 45lb plates with ease. I love Rogue and they continually deliver with what they have to offer.

York Horizontal Plate Racks - Best Floor Plate Storage Option

Not everyone is a fan of the three tier plate storage system and instead wants gym storage that can work perfectly using the floor.

If you are one of these people, the York Horizontal Plate Rack might be for you.

In terms of sizing, the half set configuration allows you to store one of each plate, while a full configuration allows you to store two of each.

The best part about a horizontal plate rack is the convenience that it provides. 

With a plate tree, you might have to pull off a few heavier weights to get to the smaller weight on the inside of the tree.

With a horizontal plate rack, all you need to do is find the plate that you want to and pull it off. Not only does it make gym storage extremely easy, it makes it fast as well.

Personally, I do prefer the plate trees, but that is not to say that horizontal plate racks are a bad option.

You can’t go wrong with one of these and they will add a nice organized flair to your home gym and create a lot more space for future workouts.

Rogue 24" Wall Storage Stringer - Best Wall Mount Plate Storage Option

The final solution to gym storage in regards to plates is to simply use a wall mount.

Once again, the folks over at Rogue have delivered with a 24” wall storage stringer that you can use to store all of your plates.

Installing it is quite simple as well. You are first going to attach the stringer to the wall, and then from there attach the storage posts that you need.

Typically, I see people opt for a few shorter posts for smaller weights, and then one or two larger posts that are used for their heavy weights.

The benefits to this gym storage option is that it keeps the floor completely clear and you don’t have to worry about bumping into them at all.

I love the look of this storage option as well and people will definitely be commenting on how clean your gym looks as a result. For wall mounted plate storage, this gym storage option is my go to.

Dumbbell Storage

York Professional Dumbbell Racks - Best Overall Dumbbell Storage Option

I know I talk about Rogue a lot, and rightly so, they create fantastic products, but York also has some great products that you can add to your gym, especially if you are looking for gym storage.

When I’m talking about York Professional Dumbbell Racks, I’m not talking about one rack in particular, but the variety of racks that they offer.

You can opt for a standard vertical dumbbell storage tree, or you can look for a horizontal option.

No matter what you are looking for, you can find it with them.

 I have seen many people get these for their homes and I haven’t heard a single complaint from them.

Simply slap it down in your free weight section and start enjoying the pumps you are going to get.

Power Systems Horizontal Dumbbell Rack - Best Large-Scale Dumbbell Storage

Power Systems produces some fantastic gym storage options if you are looking to store a ton of dumbbells.

When comparing the two, I did notice that Power Systems did have more expensive equipment, but most of the time it was because they were able to store a lot more dumbbells.

Their base horizontal rack can store 6 to 9 pairs of dumbbells depending on the weight and their largest gym storage option can hold between 10 and 20 pairs of dumbbells.

That’s a lot of gym storage right there if you ask me.

The other thing that I love about the Power Systems option is that the storage racks are cushioned to help lessen the impact and the noise your weights make when you rack them.

If you are living in an apartment, or in a home where you want to avoid noise, having this will do wonders for you.

You won’t have to worry about disturbing other people in your home, or disturbing neighbors in an apartment with this gym storage option.

Barbell Holders

Power Systems Olympic Bar Holder - Best Floor Bar Holder

You’d be amazed at the amount of gyms that just have their Olympic bars just lying around on the floor rolling everywhere.

Not only does that wear them out, it also creates a tripping hazard.

If you are planning on creating a home gym, space is going to be tight so you don’t want to have to worry about things rolling around at your feet.

Power Systems has a great Olympic bar holder that easily allows you to store your bars. With a weighted base to prevent it from tipping over, you can store up to six weight lifting bars.

The PVC inserts in the product as well will help to prevent your bars from getting any damage.

They are extremely accessible when storing them using this method, and I recommend this gym storage option for anyone who plans on using a lot of bars when working out.

Rogue V2 Gun Rack - Best Wall Mounted Bar Holder

While I love what Power Systems has going with the floor mount, I also love the wall mount that Rogue has.

It’s a simple wall mount that when attached, can easily allow you to store 6 Olympic bars (double the capacity of the original Gun Rack) that can be accessed whenever you want.

If you are okay with drilling holes and mounting things on your walls, this is a perfect option, however if you want to keep your walls intact, Power Systems is going to provide you with the best option.

Miscellaneous Gym Storage

Power Systems APEX Cage - Best All Around Gym Storage Option

The Power Systems Apex Cage isn’t made for any particular piece of storage.

The beauty of this thing is that you can put whatever you want into it, and easily roll it around wherever you need.

This is a popular piece of storage equipment for fitness teachers, however you might want to consider it if you have a ton of miscellaneous gym gear that you just want to store away.

The cage is lockable too, meaning you can keep some of the more dangerous equipment out of the hands of children if you have them at your home.

I love the APEX cage for storage and I often use it to store some of my mats or move around a few of my gym plates if I am planning on working out outside.

Body-Solid Foam Roller and Yoga Mat Storage Cart - Best Storage for Mats

For those of you who are into Yoga, mats and foam rollers, you might want to find a way to store all of them together.

This storage kit is great, as I find it easily allows me to put my yoga mats down and easily retrieve them.

There isn’t too much to say about the product other than it slides easily around my home gym and doesn’t damage the floor either.

The Body-Solid storage cart is there when I need it and does it’s job quite well.

Shoe Storage

Whitmor Steel Mesh 3 Shoe Rack - Best Gym shoe Storage

I’ll admit it, I buy a lot of workout shoes and love wearing different pairs out when I work out each time.

What can get annoying however is storing each of the shoes and being able to find them later.

This is why I decided to get a 3-tier shoe rack for all of my gym footgear.

The 3-tier system allows me to sort them out by activity and it can keep things nice and orderly.

The days of all my shoes being stacked on top of each other in the closet are over thanks to this thing.

How Do I Know What I Need?

I’ve talked about a lot of products here, but the thing that you have to figure out is what you need for your own home gym.

The first thing I would recommend doing is taking a look at the equipment that you have. What pieces of gym storage would work best with your setup?

Some of these gym storage options are a little pricey, so I wouldn’t recommend buying everything on this list unless it is something that you absolutely need.

For example, if you have tons of dumbbells and no plates, you are going to want to focus your time on the dumbbell racks instead of the plate racks.

That being said, a plate rack can also serve as motivation to upgrade your gym and get yourself some new equipment. Spend smart and buy gym storage options that are definitely going to improve your workouts.

Closing Thoughts

No one likes a messy gym. If I walk into the gym I workout at and see a mess, I am instantly turned off.

Having proper storage to put away your equipment not only looks nice, it also makes your equipment last longer, and I know gym equipment ain’t cheap either. Find out what storage options work for you and start setting them up in your home today.

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