Fringe Sport Lone Star Power Bar Review

Fringe Sport Lone Star Power Bar

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The Lone Star state isn't just home to the fantastic Texas Power Bar - the Fringe Sport 20kg Lone Star Power Bar is also rustling up the dust in the heart of the South.

The Fringe Lone Star Power Bar is a tour de force in its own right and with the price tag it has, it justifies the cost based on the technical aspects.

But the tale of the tape doesn't determine exactly how good a power bar is so this review will go in-depth to help you figure out if it's a worthy powerlifting barbell for your home gym or not.

Brief Look at the Lone Star Power Bar

I have to give it to the Fringe Sport team, their description of the Lone Star Power Bar gave me a few good chuckles.

Then I looked at the technical specifications and I understood why they were so confident in their description of this powerlifting bar - it's got some serious credibility, and like they say, everything's bigger in Texas.

It might not be the time-honored classic like the Texas bar or the new darling Rogue Ohio Power Bar, but it deserves its own place on the power rack.

Fringe Sport Lone Star Power Bar

Another Texas-based barbell, the Fringe Sport Lone Star Power Bar is a modern spin on the class TPB and offers plenty of value for lifters looking for an aggressive knurl.

fringe sport lone star power bar


  • Very aggressive, deep knurling
  • 2000lb weight capacity
  • Made in US
  • Lifetime Warranty


  • Leans on the pricier side 
  • Knurling can be too aggressive for some
  • <200K PSI tensile rating

With all the Texas bravado you'd expect from a bar called the Lone Star Power Bar, it's manufactured and made in the US, which is a big plus in my books.

Nothing wrong with bars manufactured out of country, but supporting homegrown brands makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

That's the opposite that they want the bar to make your hands feel. The alligator knurling is very aggressive, which is good for powerlifting and keeping your hands in place.

Likewise, this thing can handle plenty - 2000lbs to be exact. So it's definitely heavy duty and Texas-sized strong.

Fringe Sport Lone Star Power Bar - Is It Worth It?

The best way to tell if a barbell is worth it or enjoyable to use is to actually use it. Assuming you can't, or you're shopping for your first power bar, I'm going to do my best to describe how the Fringe 20kg Power Bar feels.

Determining if a power bar is worth it is also equal parts technical specs. Like I said, the tale of the tape doesn't tell everything, but it can give a good understanding of the quality it possesses.

Fortunately, the Lone Star Power Bar is one that has been used by myself, and plenty others, so this review is just another fountain of information for you to splash around in.

Good For

  • Lifters that need tough knurling
  • No budget worries
  • Anyone that wants to buy American
  • People that need high weight capacity

Not Good For

  • People on a budget
  • Lifters that prefer a milder knurling

Fringe Lone Star Power Bar - Specifications

Bar Weight

44.1 Lbs. (20kg)

Shaft Diameter



Very Aggressive

Center Knurl


Sleeve Finish

polished steel

Shaft Coating


Tensile Strength

190 000 PSI

Bar Length


Loadable Sleeve Length




Made In USA




Using the lone Star Power Bar

After a while, you'd figure all barbells start to feel the same but even to my surprise, this isn't always true.

I find with power bars, I notice the most difference between bars, maybe more so than Olympic barbells, mostly because of knurling.

It's a big thing, and the Lone Star Power Bar is probably one of the most aggressive knurling patterns I've ever laid my hands on. If there's any takeaway you'll find in this Lone Star Power Bar review, it's that the knurling is not for the faint of heart.


Like I said, it's aggressive. Maybe the most of any barbell I've used.

Even though it's very aggressive alligator knurling, and deep patterned, it wasn't sharp which is an issue for aggressive knurling bars.

I could firmly dig my palms into the bar and at no point did I feel like I would slip out of my hand hold. Even though they want your hands to bleed with their knurling, those lunatics at Fringe knew what they were doing for grip.

It can be off-putting for beginner lifters, so if you want a power bar that's a little more forgiving, the Lone Star Power Bar might not be the best option.

Shaft & Sleeves

The shaft is 28.5mm in diameter, meeting IPF-requirements, so pretty standard fare.

It features powerlifting marks for hand-placement which, again, standard for most powerlifting bars.

It also has a "toothy" center knurl as well, which is useful for keeping grip of the bar on your back for squats.

The Lone Star Power Bar also has 16.50" loadable sleeves.


When it comes to the finish of the shaft and sleeve, the Fringe 20kg Power Bar is no-nonsense in the sense that it only comes in one style.

Is it dissappointing that there aren't multiple options? A little, but it does take a lot of the guess work out if you're looking for a power bar.

Thankfully, the finish they chose is very timeless and durable. It comes in a ground and polished steel shaft, with steel bright zinc plating on the sleeves.

It's not the fanciest looking, but at the end of the day, you need a good bar, not just a good-looking bar.

Even then, the steel look is classic so you'll enjoy it. It would have been nice to have some variety for our wallets sake - lower oxidation-protective coatings/finishes can be much cheaper.

The polished steel is not the same as bare steel, it's closer to stainless steel. basically, it is stainless steel which is the best finish for rust and corrosion protection.

No matter if you workout in your garage or in your basement, the bar is going to last a long time with the right care.

Tensile Strength

Fringe Sport's Lone Star Power Bar isn't going to blow the competition out in terms of tensile strength. 

It has a modest 190K PSI rating, with 165K yield rated, which means that's it's "true" tensile strength.

Even though it isn't in the 200K+ strata for PSI, you're likely not going to push the bar through the ringer hard enough to test that yield rating.

Most power bars have a lower yield tensile rating than the tested limit, but they perform fine in competitions where lifters are putting up 1000lbs, so you're fine.

The bar has a weight capacity of 2000lbs, which tells you enough about how durable this thing is.

It's also classified as a stiff whip bar, which is typical for a powerlifting bar, you want it stiff not bendy. Whip just refers to the flex the bar has from a weight load.

Deadlifting bars have much more flex, and Olympic bars have some flex, while power bars should be stiff.

Fringe Lone Star Power Bar vs. Texas Power Bar

The showdown you've been waiting for. The state of Texas may be big, but is it big enough for two power bars?

In short, yes because without the Texas Power Bar, we wouldn't have gotten the Lone Star Power Bar.

The granddaddy of the power bar, the Texas Power Bar was created by Buddy Capps back in 1980 and is still going strong today. 

Texas Power Bar

Hailing from the great state of Texas, the Texas Power Bar is the original, without it, we wouldn't be talking about any others - and it still holds up 40 years later.

texas power bar

Can it still keep up with the new crop of power bars? Sure can! It's still among the most popular power bars available to date with a 190K tensile strength rating, a solid set of knurling (sometimes sharp), and much-needed updated finish options.

The Texas Power Bar is also among the best-prices power bars out there which is a big plus.

You can always look forward for new powerlifting bars, but you can't forget the classics like the Texas Power Bar.

Fringe Lone Star Power Bar vs. Rogue Ohio Power Bar

Moving to a completely different state, we have the Rogue Ohio Power Bar which is an updated version of the Texas Power bar - the spiritual successor.

It's not just riffing off of the state-named power bar either, it's a welcomed improvement to it.

Rogue Ohio Power Bar

Best-in-class when it comes to quality vs. cost, the Rogue Ohio Power Bar sets the standard for a what a truly elite power bar should be.

rogue ohio power bar

The Ohio Power Bar is my favorite, so there's a bit of bias, but you'll understand when you consider all of the different finish options (Stainless steel, bare steel, cerakote, black zinc, e-coat).

Doesn't just stop there either, the Rogue Power Bar also has a 200-205K PSI tensile strength rating and some of the best knurling in class. 

The price to quality (also Made in USA) is top notch and this is a power bar for the ages.

Fringe Lone Star Power Bar vs. REP Fitness Power Bar EX

A new favorite of mine has been the REP Fitness Power Bar EX. It doesn't offer as much value-to-cost as the Rogue, but it's pretty good nonetheless.

Compared to the Fringe Lone Star Power Bar, they're very equally matched, so it comes down to knurling.

REP Power Bar EX

A higher price-tag is justified when you factor in that the REP Power Bar EX is entirely stainless steel (shaft and sleeves) which provides excellent rust-protection.

The knurling on the REP Power Bar EX is aggressive, but after seeing what Fringe considers aggressive knurling, it feels much more soothing on the hands.

Not that it's smooth, but it's not top-of-the-class. It's also more expensive than it has to be, but that might be because the sleeves and shaft are both stainless steel.

That's a huge benefit, a fully stainless steel bar, so it's entirely protected from oxidation.

Customer Experience 

Customer experience with Fringe Sports has been nothing but splendid. They're prompt and professional, and the lifetime manufacturer warranty is very much appreciated.

I also find myself enjoying a lot of their product descriptions on the site so kudos to their marketing team for putting in the extra effort.

If you need to contact them regarding any questions, concerns, returns, etc. they have a dedicated chat line on their website, or you can reach them by email and phone.

Customer Reviews

The Fringe Sports 20kg Lone Star Power Bar might not have the same history as the Texas Power Bar or the Rogue Ohio Power Bar, but it's quickly gaining its own cult following.

The Lone Star Power Bar is currently sitting pretty at a solid 5 out of 5 star average on their website, with people raving about the durability, quality of the build, and notably, the knurling and strength.

Final Verdict - Fringe Lone Star Power Bar Review

Lone Star Power Bar

Texas has now produced two of the best power bars around, this time with the Fringe Lone Star Power Bar.

It's hard to pick just one thing to love. A high weight capacity, incredible knurling, and a classic design all make this a must-have bar for lifters looking to add a workhorse barbell to their home gym.

Brand: Fringe Sport

Currency: $USD

Price: $430 (currently on sale - $387)

Product In-Stock: InStock

Fringe Sport 20kg Lone Star Power Bar














Texas Power Bar FAQs

Is the Lone Star Power Bar Worth It?

If you need a bar that is capable of withstanding tons of weight for powerlifting, then the Lone Star Power Bar is certainly worth it if you have the budget.

Fringe Sport Lone Star Power Bar vs. Texas Power Bar?

The Fringe Sport Lone Star Power Bar very much feels like an upgrade over the Texas Power Bar in terms of technical specs, but the Texas Power Bar edges it out in terms of cost/value.

How Much Does the Lone Star Power Bar Weigh?

The Lone Star Power Bar weighs 44.1 pounds (20kg).

What is the Fringe 20kg Lone Star Power Bar Used For?

The Lone Star Power Bar is used primarily for powerlifting (deadlifts, squats, bench press) but can be used for nearly any barbell lift.

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