Mind Lab Pro Review: The Best Nootropic Out There?

Mind Lab Pro Review - Nov 2021

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Off of the heels of our Best Nootropics list, I’m back to talk about one of the supplements on its own - Mind Lab Pro.

Mind Lab Pro nootropic is a supplement that I added to that best-of list because it was mentioned countless times in my search for the right nootropic to try out so naturally I gave it a go and included my take on it.

This time, I’ve decided to do a full review since it’s such a popular supplement in the world of nootropics. 

Mind Lab Pro is touted as a research-grade supplement that will help you boost your mood, energy, focus, stamina, clarity, and plenty more functions.

What is a Nootropic

Before we get into Mind Lab Pro, in particular, we should talk about nootropics as a whole to give some brief context.

This is especially relevant to anyone that hasn’t read out the Best Nootropics list or just wants to know a little more about this hot-topic supplement.

A nootropic is otherwise known as a smart drug, which sounds fantastical, but it makes a lot of sense when you see how they work and why.

Nootropics consist of an ingredient list that ranges from mushrooms to vitamins, to plant-based nutrients that all contribute to boosting function in some of those areas that I mentioned (mood, energy, sleep, etc.)

Even though nootropics are nicknamed smart drugs by some, they’re easily explainable by science for how or why they work, and most of the time, they do offer benefits for users.

Nootropics aren’t steroids, they aren’t test boosters, and they aren’t pre-workout, which are some of the common misconceptions around what a nootropic is. You’ve likely seen plenty of these at your local supermarket, supplement store, or health food store and haven’t even noticed.

What Makes Mind Lab Pro Useful

Mind Lab Pro is an example of a nootropic and a pretty good one at that.

It’s not just good because it’s so popular, it’s good because of the brand behind it and the results it offers, not to mention the actual product itself. 

As mentioned, a good nootropic should offer all of those benefits that contribute to a strong functioning brain and body. 

Improving your mood, boosting energy, increased quality of sleep, better clarity, more cognitive processing, and alertness are all things that Mind Lab Pro aims to achieve, but does it hit the mark?

The short answer - yes.

Mind Lab Pro works very well, but it’s good to know why, as you should know for all the supplements you consider buying or taking. 


The most important aspect of any supplement is the ingredient list. Any supplement worth its weight will provide a comprehensive list of all the things that go into it. 

This helps us know any dietary restrictions it may conflict with, any conflicting ingredients that might harm us or interact poorly (conflicting supplements, medical conditions, medication, etc.)

Looking at their ingredient list, you might be scratching your head looking at what half of these things are.

What the heck is Cognizin? What’s Bacopa monnieri? What’s L-Theanine?

All good questions you should be asking when looking at trying a new supplement.

Cognizin is also known as Citicoline, Bacopa monnieri is a Waterhyssop (herb), and L-Theanine is an amino acid.

These are things you want to know and Mind Lab Pro’s official site offers an amazingly in-depth amount of information about their supplements. So much so that I’ll easily say it’s among the best I’ve ever come across.

Even going as far as to provide a video from Dr. Ramon Velaquez, Ph.D., they to help illustrate the process and rationale behind Mind Lab Pro’s ingredient choice, plus plenty of graphs and supporting documentation.

What could make this better? The fact that Mind Lab Pro is Vegan friendly. Not just Vegan friendly too. It contains no soy, GMO’s, synthetic additives, or other byproducts that may be harmful to you or conflict with your dietary needs.

Who Should Take Mind Lab Pro

You might also wonder who would benefit from Mind Lab Pro or a nootropic in general.

Even if you believe you eat right, get enough sleep, work out regularly, and are by all accounts healthy, a nootropic still provides plenty of benefits.

Additional levels of energy and focus it can help provide should not be discounted just because you already feel good.

The ingredients included in Mind Lab Pro, like Lion’s Mane Mushroom, are likely something you don’t get from your diet alone, or your supplement stack.

There are clear-cut examples of who should take Mind Lab Pro. Those that feel they can’t focus, their creativity is lacking from exhaustion or tiredness, those that want to feel more energetic, those that desire a better baseline mood, and anyone with a desire to increase cognitive function.

I will always tell people to improve their diet, increase physical activity and get more/better sleep, but it is also beneficial to include a supplement to help achieve your goals or improve upon those goals. Mind Lab Pro is one that I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend.

I consider myself a fairly fit young man (late 20’s-early 30’s is still young, okay?) that has a good grasp on my health, but Mind Lab Pro still felt like it provided benefit to my daily life.

What to Know Before Taking Nootropics

With all of that being said, there is a lot to know about nootropics.

They can and should provide value to you with the cognitive, mood, and energy-boosting properties, but any new supplement is not as cut and dry as to whether it works or not.

That may be the primary concern, but you should consult with your physician before taking a new supplement.

Even though it is vegan friendly, soy/GMO/etc. Free, it doesn’t mean it’s automatically going to be compatible with your body.

Figure out what allergies you may have that can conflict, any medication you’re on that might impact the experience negatively, and ask your doctor for information and let them know as much as you can about it so they can provide an informed opinion.

Mind you, Mind Lab Pro is very clean and as I illustrated earlier, goes far and beyond to give us the information we need about the testing process, the ingredient list, and the reasoning behind why they chose the ingredients that they did.

My Mind Lab Pro Experience

Even with the outstanding depth of research and information provided, all of this means nothing without actually trying the product for myself, but luckily I have tried it and I can safely say that it’s one I’d continue to use.

I’ve taken my fair share of pre-workouts, creatines, test boosters, and other mood or energy-boosting supplements to see what does and doesn’t work, as per the process of elimination dictates, and I have compiled a good list of ones to avoid and ones I’m comfortable recommending and using again. 

Mind Lab Pro is one I’d feel comfortable recommending and using. It didn’t take long until I started noticing the effects, about 2-3 weeks which is standard for a nootropic.

 I took 2 capsules in the morning before breakfast on an empty stomach and 2 past noon as directed by the brand themselves, but I began to notice these small shifts over time.

Supplements of this variety will provide results incrementally than exponentially, meaning it starts small then the effects become much more noticeable.

The increases in my clarity and mood were most notable, even though I generally find myself in good standing because of my lifestyle.

Being able to focus on things for longer periods, like reading a book, or getting that extra little 5% during a workout were some of the things that intrigued me. I wasn’t suddenly leaping over cars and buildings, but I could tell I was operating just a little faster than before.

Serving size for Mind Lab Pro can also be scaled back to 2 capsules a day in the morning, which would likely still provide results.

I took 4 capsules a day because I felt I’d need to feel the full effects, but of course, you can try 1 a day, 2, 3, or 4, but try not to push it too far, suggested servings are there for a reason.

Regardless, I was pleasantly surprised by how well it seemed to work on me and it helped build confidence in me about the product given my personal experience.

Final Thoughts

You may not know much about nootropics, may know a lot, but one thing I can say for certain is that Mind Lab Pro should be the first or next nootropic you check out.

Combining a robust amount of research and quality-backed ingredient choice, their flagship nootropic is one that I would recommend to anyone that is in dire need of a boost for their cognitive function, mood, energy, clarity, drive, and general drive.

Mind Lab Pro succeeded and then some, which makes it one of the best nootropics I’ve come across and tested.

Denver Matheson

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