Nike Metcon 7 Review: Meet Your New Favorite Shoe

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Let me start by saying that I don’t usually review shoes (except for weightlifting shoes, deadlift shoes, or Olympic shoes), but the Nike Metcon 7 just begs to be discussed.

Everyone’s always looking for the right shoe to meet their needs for running, lifting, CrossFit, sports, or any combination of those activities, and sometimes it’s a hassle when you’re sorting through your pile of shoes to work out in.

The Nike Metcon 7 offers an all-in footwear solution for your fitness needs and removes the hassle of picking from your old pile of shoes.

Brief Look at the Nike Metcon 7

Going all the way back to 2015, the Nike Metcon shoe line has been around for 7 years and counting now, with no signs of slowing. The Nike Metcon weightlifting shoe has been one of the best on the market since its introduction and that tradition continues with the Metcon 7.

Nike has even partnered with athletes (Mat Fraser, CrossFit legend) and has expanded from a CrossFit shoe to a general weightlifting/fitness shoe. 

If you’re wondering, Metcon stands for metabolic conditioning, a term used in CrossFit to describe cardio and weight lifting in a single training session.


  • Excellent aesthetic options
  • Good range of sizes (Men’s and Women’s)
  • Stable design and build
  • Useful for wide range of workout types


  • Slightly pricier ($104 - $160)
  • Laces aren’t very durable

Unboxing of Nike Metcon 7 Mathew Fraser Edition

Nike Metcon 7 - Is It Worth It?

The most obvious question you’re thinking is, “Why should I want the Nike Metcon 7?”

It’s a fair question, so here are some reasons why the Nike Metcon 7 is worth it for you and your training needs (and some reasons against it):

Worth It For

  • Narrow or wide feet due to a wider tox box design and lace system
  • Trainees that strike with their midfoot
  • CrossFit workouts

Not Worth It For:

  • Budget shoe buyers
  • People that want a dedicated running shoe
  • Lifters that are looking for a dedicated lifting shoe

Nike Metcon 7 Customer Reviews

On the Rogue website, the Nike Metcon currently has 23 reviews, with 16 being 4 stars or higher (out of 5). 

The Metcon 7 reviews on Amazon are just as telling of the people’s love for this training shoe. There are currently 36 reviews/ratings, 74% of those being 5 stars and 7% being 4-star ratings, an overwhelmingly positive response.

Here is what some reviewers are saying about the Nike Metcon 7:

“Perfect shoe
At first i wasn't sure if i would like the shoe. I have this thing about no laces, but i gave them a shot. These are the best trainers i have purchased. I do tthe Shaun T INSANITY workout, i dont think i need to say anymore. I would definitely recommend these shoes for any athlete at any stage of training.....PEACE....BLT”

BLT1 (Rogue)

“They fit great and are super sturdy. Lots of compliments on the style of the shoe. Even had a sneakerhead ask me where I got them.”

Butchburgh (Rogue)

“I would definitely buy another pair again and I recommend to anyone”

Carmen (Amazon)

One negative review mentioned the difficulty in sizing and breaking in the shoe:

“I've had these for a few months now and am still using them only because of stubbornness. They have broken in a bit and become a little more comfortable but that process was not fun. Nike's usually fit me perfectly but not these for some reason. They are great for lifting because they have a clunky and sturdy heel. That heel makes all other cross training movements a lot less fun. I keep finding myself shoe shopping because I am so disappointed.”

Shadowfax (Rogue)

Where to Get the Nike Metcon 7

Finding your own pair of Nike Metcon 7’s is easy and ordering them has multiple options for you to check out. Unfortunately, the Nike Metcon 7’s are not available on the official Nike site anymore, but you can find them on Rogue’s official website and on Amazon.

The Metcon 7’s range from $104.00 (USD) to $160.00 depending on the color pattern you choose. The basic colors are the cheapest, and more custom or limited colors are more expensive.

It’s very sad that Nike doesn’t offer them on their site anymore because of the customization options they offer for their shoes, but there are still plenty of design styles for you to pick on the sites it’s available from!

Buying Tips

Before you add to the cart, put in your details, and click order, there are some buying tips for you to get the most out of your future pair of Nike Metcon 7s. 

Consider buying a size up from your regular size as some people complain about the toe box and width being a little constraining. The shoes are designed with nearly every foot size/dimension in mind (wide, long, heel, and arch variations), but you don’t want a shoe that’s too tight for training.

Important to note that the lace durability is questionable so swapping them out with new laces can help keep the shoe from wearing down as quickly.

Important Specs of the Nike Metcon 7


$104 - $160



Made in USA


Heel Design




Best For

CrossFit, HIIT, Weightlifting


Nike Metcon 7 uses a unique React foam material to improve comfort and one of the most notable features is the hook-and-loop lace system that prevents untying.

It helps keep the foot snug, but not tight, so you don’t have to worry during your most intense workouts.

The shoe features a wide, flat, and flexible heel. It has an inner plate that keeps your weight distributed evenly from edge to edge for performance and comfort.

Similarly, there is tough rubber on the sole arches which helps with grip.

As with many of Nike’s training shoes, it has a mesh outer design that is optimal for breathability, keeping your feet cool, and more importantly, keeping your shoes from stinking.

Most importantly is how the wide and flat design so they fit well on anyone’s feet. I have a narrow foot, but even some previous training shoes fit tight. If you have a wider foot, you won’t need to worry about the toe box constricting your feet.

Color Options

As you’d expect from any Nike shoe, you’re going to have plenty of options of colors.

Nike Metcon 7 Colors:

  • Black/Particle Grey/White/Pure Platinum
  • Chile Red/Magic Ember/White/Black
  • Deep Royal Blue/Black/White/Magic Ember
  • Light Smoke Grey/Violet Haze/Lilac/Black
  • Particle Grey/Gum Medium Brown/Dark Smoke Grey/White
  • White/Particle Grey/Pure Platinum/Black

Final Opinion on the Nike Metcon 7

Nike has had plenty of time to work on and fix the Metcon line of shoes, and the Nike Metcon 7 feels like they’ve done quite a bit to amend some of the design faults and mistakes of the past with a very fresh and functional shoe.

It’s not a budget pair, with the cheapest options starting at $104, but if you need a well-rounded training shoe that can handle cardio and weightlifting, or both, then the Nike Metcon 7 is a good bet.

Denver Matheson

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