NÜOBELL Adjustable Dumbbell Review

NÜOBELL Adjustable Dumbbells, June 2021

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You are setting up your personal home gym, but you notice that the amount of space in your home that you can dedicate to a gym space is significantly smaller than the amount of equipment you need to get in a quality workout. Sound familiar?

The good news is, you are not alone in this conundrum. So, gym equipment companies have come up with the perfect solution for the many people trying to maximize their home gym size and space: adjustable dumbbell sets.

Instead of needing a separate set of dumbbells for every weight increment, and the standing rack to hold them all, adjustable dumbbell sets allow you to have access to a wide range of dumbbell weights with just one dumbbell set.

An adjustable dumbbell set saves space for you to add other training equipment, have a safe, open area to workout in, and lets you easily tuck away your weights when you want your living room, bedroom, or basement back. 

In my opinion, the company that is crafting the highest quality adjustable dumbbell sets right now is SMRTFT with their NÜOBELL dumbbells. 

In today’s article, I am going to give you my complete NÜOBELL review. Adjustable dumbbell sets are complex pieces of equipment, and demand perfect craftsmanship and keen attention to detail to ensure they operate properly and with ease. 

Let me explain how NÜOBELL gives you that high quality, functional technology and more with this NÜOBELL dumbbell set. 

Why choose the NÜOBELL Adjustable Dumbbell?

While there are many different adjustable dumbbells available for home gym use, the NÜOBELL dumbbells use a unique easy turn dial to allow users to move between dumbbell weights.

When using these NÜOBELL dumbbells, you can switch from a lightweight dumbbell to a heavy dumbbell in record time; in comparison to other leading adjustable dumbbells, this might just be the fastest working adjustable dumbbells I have tried.

As well, it is crucial that users can change up the NÜOBELL dumbbell weights quickly because of just how wide the weight options are on this dumbbell set.

With a set of NÜOBELL dumbbells, you have speedy access to weights from 5lbs increasing in 5lbs increments all the way up to 80lbs (or a combined 160lbs). 

This weight range makes the NÜOBELL dumbbells effective and ideal for most weight lifters. The SMRTFT company knows that as you lift weights with these NÜOBELL dumbbells, you are going to get stronger and will soon need to increase the weight you are lifting in order to prevent plateauing in your training progress. 

By having such a wide weight range available to you at your fingertips, the NÜOBELL adjustable dumbbell set grows with you as you get stronger (unlike traditional dumbbells, which can stall your training if you are always lifting the same weights day in and day out). 

Another stand out feature that differentiates the NÜOBELL dumbbells from their adjustable dumbbell and traditional dumbbell competitors is their stylish and sleek appearance.

If you are intending to add the dumbbells to the inside of your home, the look and style of them matters.

Especially in a smaller home or apartment where you have limited storage space, you may not be able to hide your adjustable dumbbell set away when it is not in use, so you are looking for training equipment that is functional and not an eyesore in your living spaces.

Thankfully, SMRTFT considers both quality and style in their craftsmanship of the NÜOBELL dumbbells. In fact, I would argue that the NÜOBELL dumbbells are the most aesthetically pleasing adjustable dumbbells I have reviewed so far. 

The NÜOBELL dumbbells have chrome, barbell like handles and steel, rounded weights that will easily blend into any room in your home. With no kitschy colors, dials, or buttons, every part of the NÜOBELL design is sleek, unassuming, and purposeful. 

NÜOBELL Dumbbells Size and Design

NÜOBELL dumbbells are so effective for home workouts because they are designed to look and feel like your traditional dumbbell set.

In terms of size and shape, the NÜOBELL dumbbells are the same size as you would expect their corresponding traditional dumbbell to be. For example, when I set my NÜOBELL dumbbells to 20lbs, they look and feel remarkably similar to my traditional 20lbs pro-style iron dumbbells (the ones standard in commercial gyms). 

And, because of their commercial standard size and rounded disk plates, these NÜOBELL adjustable dumbbells can be used during your workouts in the same way you would use regular dumbbells.

No need to change up your form or lifting style, NÜOBELL dumbbells have your back when it comes to keeping your training consistent and effective when working out from home. 

This is unlike other adjustable dumbbell sets, such as Powerblock set, that actually come in a rectangular block like shape that inhibits you from successful performing some workouts that require a more untraditional grasp on your dumbbells, such as goblet squats or overhead triceps' extensions.

I should add as well that the NÜOBELLs come with knurled handles on each of the dumbbells, similar to the textured grip you will find on standard barbells.

Individuals who are used to weight training with their gym’s knurled barbells or dumbbells will appreciate this familiar, reliable textured grip.

And, in my opinion, a knurl texture on a dumbbell is far superior to a smooth handle or a padded handle, which does not support or effectively strengthen your grip strength with lifting. 

My Experience with the NÜOBELL Dumbbells

After giving this NÜOBELL adjustable dumbbell set a try, I was impressed with their high quality feel and performance.

I quickly discovered just how easy it was to switch between weights with the NÜOBELL dumbbells. This adjustable set comes with portable cardesl for each pair of dumbbells.

When the NÜOBELL dumbbell is resting in the cradle, all you need to do is turn the knurled handle of the dumbbell, which acts as a dial to make the weight heavier or lighter.

As you turn the handle, you can watch the easy to read display informing you of the current weight of the dumbbell. Once you have landed on your designed weight, you simply pull the NÜOBELL dumbbells out of its cradle, and begin your exercise. 

To me, this system of adjusting the weight was foolproof. It required no second thoughts, and did not get in the way of the flow of my workout- a big win in my mind, because the last thing you want to do is fiddle with malfunctioning equipment when you are in the middle of beast mode training. 

I also found this dial weight changing method to be incredibly useful for training with supersets, dropsets, or a workout partner who uses different weights than you. If I needed to change the NÜOBELL dumbbells weight between my exercises, I could do so with very minimal interruption to my training.

This is particularly important for me since I like to limit the amount of  time that elapses between my sets, to maintain an optimal pace in my workout. 

Where to Buy NÜOBELL Dumbbells

I bought my NÜOBELL dumbbells directly from the Rogue Fitness website, which also let me benefit from their 2 year manufacturer warranty and extremely responsive customer service team (I mean, I am the NÜOBELL review guy, so naturally I had questions). 

The current price of the NÜOBELL adjustable dumbbell starts at $595. Considering the average cost of a full traditional dumbbell set is upwards of $1,000, the price of NÜOBELL dumbbells is going to save you both money and space in comparison to what you might otherwise buy. 

My Final NÜOBELL Review: The Pros and Cons


  • High weight increments
  • Looks and feels like standard commercial dumbbells
  • Fast and efficient adjustable weight system
  • Knurled handle for reliable grip
  • Space saving for all home gym set ups
  • Cost efficient alternative in comparison to buying several individual dumbbells
  • Stylish appearance 


  • Not expandable if you want dumbbells heavier that 80lbs
  • Price might not suit all budgets

In conclusion, SMRTFT has done extraordinarily well with their NÜOBELL dumbbell design. I highly recommend the NÜOBELL adjustable dumbbell set if you are looking for home gym dumbbells that are functional, space efficient, and will get heavier as you get stronger.

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