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Looking to find the best deals on REP Fitness products? Look no further than here. 

REP Fitness is both budget-friendly and good quality, so it’s an easy choice for your home gym, but there are more ways to save on gym equipment. If you’re looking for a REP Fitness discount code, I’ve got you. I’m a fan of their dumbbells, weight plates, barbells, and weight benches in particular, but there’s plenty more to love about them that you can get for cheap.

Discount Codes For REP Fitness

Here’s how you can save a bit on your next REP Fitness purchase: 

  • Deals Page - REP Fitness loves to advertise their deals when they happen (which is often) and has a dedicated deals page to check out. 
  • Military and First Responder Discount - Active duty military members and veterans, plus police, firefighters, EMS, and first responders can take advantage of a 5% discount on most products (excluding mats and flooring). 
  • Financing - Save money on home gym purchases by signing up and financing in smaller interest-free bi-weekly payments with PayPal.

How To Apply The REP Fitness Discount Code

Option #1: Visit the REP Fitness website using the link below and visit the Deals page for current products on sale. 

Option #2: Military and first responders can visit the Military Discount page on the REP Fitness website to apply for the discount. Proof of service is required. 

Option #3: To finance a purchase, simply proceed to checkout, choose PayPal and choose the “Pay Later” option. Your payment will be split into interest-free biweekly installments.

When Do REP Fitness Products Go On Sale?

Typically, the biggest and best sales happen around the holidays. I keep track of the fitness company sales so you don’t have to and here is when you can expect REP Fitness sales to happen:

  • Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales
  • Memorial Day sales 
  • Fourth of July sales  
  • Labor Day sales
  • New Year’s Fitness Sales

What I Love About REP Fitness

REP Fitness isn’t the ultra-high-quality-elite-athlete-blow-your-socks-off kind of fitness equipment brand, and that’s part of why I love them. All they do is give you quality products at quality prices. 

REP Fitness AB-5200 Weight Bench

The REP Fitness AB-5200 Adjustable Weight Bench is the perfect bench for any home gym. Allowing more range of motion for exercises, adding comfort, and versatility, the durable design makes it one of my absolute favorite weight bench.

rep fitness ab5200 adjustable weight bench

Why Choose REP Fitness? 

  • Budget-friendly home gym equipment
  • Discount for military and first responders
  • Free shipping on most products
  • Financing options for easier purchasing

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