REP Fitness Old School Iron Plate Review

In the fitness world, the sound of iron clanging is music to those who appreciate the raw and essential nature of strength training. Pumping Iron Power! It's a sound that embodies the dedication and determination associated with bodybuilders and weightlifters from years past. REP Fitness, a well-respected name in the fitness equipment industry, honors this rich history with their Old School Iron Weight Plates. These plates aren't just workout equipment; they represent the timeless tradition of building strength in athletes and fitness enthusiasts through iron forging.

REP Old School Iron Plates

REP Old School Iron Plates

Meet REP Old School Iron Plates – the strong, reliable workout buddies every athlete needs. They're tough, built to handle your hardest workouts. These plates have a classic look with a raw iron finish that tells the story of your dedication. 

Easy to use with any standard barbell, they're perfect for deadlifts, powerlifting, and more. The simple design and solid construction make them the go-to choice for athletes serious about getting stronger. Upgrade your training with REP Old School Iron Plates – they're all about strength and simplicity.
  • Specs, reference Jasper Docs, Product Page etc. Ref how comp lists spics, use Jasper to generate accurate (Double check) specs that go here
  • Availability( REP had a fantastic track record of supply throughout the pandemic while other companies struggled to maintain stock)
  • Great Beginner Set of Weights
  • Matte Finish
  • Inexpensive in comparison to other weight sets
  • Can fit more weight on Barbell than Bumper Plates
  • Single sided, coarse and deep lip ease of use in picking up and exercising with
  • Iron Plates give that old school look and feel
  • Iron Plates can scuff, chip and crack with rough use
  • Reports of greater than 3% weight manufacturing tolerance on the 45lb plates


The Rep Fitness Old School Iron Plates deliver great value for the price. This beginner set comes with pairs of 45, 25, 10, 5, and 2.5-pound plates, offering a complete range for your workouts. Starting at just $350, it's a budget-friendly option for those seeking solid iron plates without breaking the bank. 

Once you no longer need to use the weights because of an upgrade or otherwise the iron weights can be resold for good value. Plenty of people are looking for used iron weights and you can find a buyer fairly easily, especially shortly before the vacation season if the need arises. 

Stacking the Barbell

The pricing of these weights isn't just great for beginners, but for experienced veterans as well.

If you're looking to challenge yourself with heavier weights, bumper plates might might not cut it due to the extra thickness taking up too much space on the bar.

Iron plates have a thinner profile, allowing you to stack more weight on your barbell, and at a more cost effective rate no less. 

Texture and Design

REP Old School Iron Plate

The Texture of these plates is a coarse matte black finish, with raised silver lettering for contrast. The plates are one sided with a deep lip on one side for easier handling.

The finish is of decent quality and the texture is quite nice on the plates with the exception of one of the 45lb plates.

I found the texture to be more rough than the lower weight plates and there are some sharper edges that appear in the crevices of the plate. Its not enough to cause any kind of injury and should wear in with time, so its not a big problem.

Overall the plates look great with the matte black finish but as with any Iron plates they will begin to get a little worn down with use. Dropping and hitting the plates together can cause chipping of the matte finish. 

Weight Tolerance

While the 45lb plates we reviewed fell within the 3% tolerance range coming in at 45.52lb and 45. 65lb, there have been reports of weight differences among the plates received by others.

However, it's worth noting that customers have praised the effectiveness of the customer service in promptly rectifying the errors and replacing the plates.

REP Old School Iron Plate

“Iron Power”

REP Old School Iron Plate

There's something undeniably special about the feel of iron plates. It's like holding a piece of history, a raw symbol of strength and endurance.

The cold, solid surface against your palms, the rough texture, and the unmistakable clang of metal on metal - all contribute to a lifting experience that is deeply satisfying. Iron plates provide unparalleled stability and assurance with every lift. 

The weight challenges you, pushes you to your limits, and demands respect in a way that newer materials can't replicate. Every time you grip an iron plate, you're not just using equipment; you're part of a tradition of strength that has stood the test of time. Each workout is not just physical, but a practical and empowering experience.

Final Verdict

To sum up, REP Fitness Old School Iron Weight Plates combine tradition and functionality, offering classic iron lifting at a competitive price. These plates provide an authentic lifting experience, perfect for those starting with iron weights. While they may not be the highest quality, their reasonable price reflects their value, making them a great option for budget-conscious individuals.

Minor defects come with the package, reinforcing the idea that you get what you pay for. Nonetheless, if you're looking for a practical and affordable entry into the world of iron plate lifting, REP Fitness Old School Iron Weight Plates are a solid choice for the cost. 

Who Should Buy This

  • Entry or budget conscious gym or home garage enthusiasts
  • Powerlifters looking to stack weight cost effectively
  • Those looking for more space efficiency as they are thinner then other plate options
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