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An oft-overlooked barbell in the power bar category, the REP Fitness Power Bar EX is a hidden gem that shines bright enough that you need to give notice.

Is this bar the right pick for your home gym? Find out in my REP Power Bar EX review.

Brief Look at the REP Power Bar EX

The REP Power Bar EX is actually one of two power bars produced by REP Fitness, both stainless steel, but one feature deep knurling vs. regular knurling on the other.

Regardless, they represent REP's attempt to dethrone the Texas Power Bar and the Rogue Ohio Power Bar, both stalwarts of the powerlifting bar community.

REP Power Bar EX does a formidable job, providing excellent specifications for a bar that is intended to be abused through deadlifting, squatting, and bench press. 

All in all, I think you're going to be pleased by what you'll hear about the Power Bar EX.

REP Power Bar EX

A powerlifting bar through and through, the REP Power Bar EX is a formidable challenger to the status quo.

Either deep knurling or not, the stainless steel bar has a 200K Tensile Strength PSI, 1500lb capacity, and a 29mm shaft diameter to crush powerlifting competitions.

rep fitness power bar ex

Deep knurling or not, the stainless steel REP power bar is incredibly well crafted. With specs to make you drool, this is a bar for serious lifters and casual home gym owners alike.

What I Liked

  • Great knurling, including deep knurl option
  • IPF-certified weight and build
  • Center-knurling
  • 29mm shaft diameter
  • Entire bar (sleeve + shaft) is stainless steel

What i Didn't Like

  • More expensive than some of the competition
  • Knurling can be too aggressive for some

REP Power Bar EX - Is It Worth It?

Deciding whether a power bar is worth it is a tough question to answer because like most barbells, it comes down to preference.

I will say that the REP Power Bar EX is a little more expensive than other competitors, selling for $449 (currently on sale for $349) for the Deep Knurling Power Bar EX, and $429 (on sale for $399) for the regular stainless steel Power Bar EX.

It's not the most budget friendly option around, but the specs tell the tale of the tape when it comes to performance and it's really hard not to see what makes the Power Bar EX such a valuable power bar for your home gym.

Additionally, it's worth it for the fact that the entire bar is stainless steel, shaft and sleeve, so it's oxidation resistant throughout.

Good For

  • No or little budget worries
  • Powerlifters and IPF-competitors
  • People that like an aggressive knurl
  • Oxidation resistant

Not Good For

  • People on a budget
  • Lifters that need a regular bar

REP Power Bar EX - Specifications

Bar Weight

44.1 Lbs. (20Kg)

Shaft Diameter



Medium to Aggressive (deep Knurl)

Center Knurl


Knurl Marks


Shaft Coating

Stainless Steel

Sleeve Finish

Stainless Steel

Tensile Strength

200 000 PSI

Bar Length


Loadable Sleeve Length






Made In USA



Limited Lifetime

Using the REP Power Bar EX

Maintaining a barbell can be really difficult, it's going to get scratched up and banged around, but you can feel at ease about the REP Power Bar EX avoiding oxidation (rust, corrosion) because it's stainless steel. 

Both the regular and deep knurling Power Bar EX are entirely stainless steel, shaft and sleeves, so it's going to last a looong time.

I absolutely love a good stainless steel bar because it looks beautiful, timeless, and it will resist breaking down better than other coatings on barbells. 

I could go on about the finish, but lets talk about the knurling and shaft too.


rep power bar knurling

Here comes another decision-making process - do you want the regular or the deep knurling?

I was fine using the medium aggressive knurling, it felt comfortable and the diamond pattern was familiar, but it's difficult to pick it over the deep knurling.

They increased the depth of knurling pattern by 75% over the medium knurl, and both have more points of knurling per square inch than the Ohio Power Bar.

These additional points and the depth haven't made the knurling sharp though, so as REP says, "Good grip, no rip."


The REP Power Bar EX has a 29mm shaft diameter which is common place for powerlifting bars and something you'll see among competitor power bars.

The shaft of the Power Bar EX features center knurling and IPF-standard knurl markings. 


Coming back to the finish once more, this bar is only offered in stainless steel finish. If it weren't for the fact that the stainless steel is the best finish, it would be disappointing to some.

Cerakote, E-Coat, and other coating types definitely add some flair to a barbell and gym, but they can also get dinged up by J-cups and usage, so I'm fine with this.

Besides, if you have a garage gym or workout outside, the stainless steel is going to shrug off humidity and corrosion-causing elements.

rep power bar ex

What's most impressive about the stainless steel finish is the fact that the sleeves are stainless steel too, something I wish the Ohio Power Bar did given its price.

That's part of why the REP Power Bar EX has a bit of a higher price tag, they really made a bar that was built to last.

Tensile Strength

The REP Power Bar EX has a 200 000 PSI (pounds per square inch) tensile strength, which is pretty standard for many powerlifting bars and multi-purpose barbells.

The tensile strength isn't going to get tested by you, I can assure you of this. I've put upwards of 450+ Lbs. on bars with similar PSI rating, and they haven't flexed in the slightest. 

Part of this is because the flex of a powerlifting bar like the EX is intended to be stiff. Good for bench press and squats, but a little bend is good for deadlifting. Not a problem though.

If you are looking for a bar for deadlifts, look for one with a thinner shaft diameter (27mm), and more flex or whip.

REP Power Bar EX vs. Rogue Ohio Power Bar

The Rogue Ohio Power Bar is tough to compete against. I'm bias and think it's the best power bar available..

That being said, the REP Power Bar EX does hold its own against the king of value powerlifting barbells.

Rogue Ohio Power Bar

It's easy to see why the Rogue Ohio Power Bar is my top-choice for power bars.

29mm shaft, multiple finish/coating options, 200K PSI tensile strength, and just over $400, it's the perfect all-around barbell for any home gym.

rogue ohio barbell

The Ohio Power Bar and REP Power Bar EX are actually incredibly close in terms of performance and specs. 

Both have 29mm shaft diameter, F-2 rating, same tensile strength rating, no whip. 

Where they differ is that the REP Power Bar is slightly longer in total length and loadable sleeve, and the Ohio Power Bar is Made in the US. 

You can also get different coatings for the Ohio Power Bar, some as low as $290-$305.

REP Power Bar EX vs. Texas Power Bar

Whenever someone mentions a power bar, the Texas Power Bar inevitably gets brought up. It's a good bar, a classic, but time has since passed it by.

Competitor bars have sprung up in the power bar classification and they've outdone what was once the gold standard.

Texas Power Bar

The original power bar, the Texas Power Bar from Buddy Capps has been around for years and it still holds up.

Good knurling, competition certified, there's plenty to love about this classic.

Am I ragging on the Texas Power Bar? No, it's still a damn fine powerlifting barbell, but it can't compete with the specs of the newer crop of power bars.

It has a lower tensile strength than REPs or Rogue's, and the knurling can feel a bit sharper, but that's up to preference.

Where the Texas Power Bar does shine is that it is only $285, which is a pretty great deal no matter which way you look at it.

REP Power Bar EX vs. Bells of Steel Barenaked Powerlifting Bar 2.0

Not a lot of people know about this brand, but the Bells of Steel Barenaked Powerlifting Bar 2.0 is an excellent power bar that shouldn't go unnoticed.

Does it stack up to the REP Power Bar EX? Definitely, and even outshines it in some aspects.

Bells of Steel Barenaked Powerlifting Bar 2.0

Doesn't matter if it's the bare steel or cerakote bar, the Bells of Steel Barenaked Powerlifting Bar 2.0 is an impressive power bar.

210K PSI, 29mm shaft, 17.5" loadable sleeves, and aggressive knurling make this the best budget power bar.

bells of steel barenaked powerlifting barbell

How does it outshine the REP power bar? 210K PSI tensile strength rating and a price tag of only $259.99 makes it a hell of a deal, but there's a catch...

The bare-naked bar is bare steel, which isn't to be confused with stainless steel. Bare steel has no protection to oxidation and can rust or corrode quicker depending on conditions. 

Thankfully, they offer a cerakote finish powerlifting bar. For an additional $40, the rust-protection is definitely worth it - plus it looks sleek.

Customer Experience 

As always, REP Fitness treats their customers well, including me. I've only had to contact them with questions about a product that wasn't listed on the site, and they've been very friendly.

A good customer service experience goes a long way in determining how much they value their products, and REP Fitness gives me no doubt that they care.

REP isn't a high-cost brand either, but I did a write-up on how to save money on REP Fitness equipment to help you save a bit on your next home gym purchase.

Customer Reviews

REP Fitness is also known by the people as reliable, given the consistently good reviews. The REP Power Bar EX and Deep Knurling Power Bar EX have 5-star and 4.9-star ratings respectively on

Final Verdict - REP Power Bar EX Review

REP Power Bar EX

The REP Power Bar EX is an incredibly good power bar. It has the specs and build to compete with the best power bars in its class. Regular knurling or deep knurling, the bar can handle the heaviest weights you can throw at it.

A durable, oxidation-resistant barbell, the only hang-up is the slightly higher price tag, but the cost-to-performance can't be questioned.

Brand: REP Fitness

Currency: $USD

Price: $429-449

Product In-Stock: Stainless Steel - InStock, Deep Knurling - Out of Stock

REP Power Bar EX Rating






oxidation resistance

tensile strength


shipping & delivery

customer service

warranty, financing, returns



REP Power Bar EX FAQs

Is the Power Bar EX Worth It?

While not the cheapest compared to other power bars, the REP Power Bar EX is certainly worth it.

Stainless steel finish, strong construction, good tensile strength, and durability make it a worthwhile barbell for any home gym.

REP Power Bar EX vs. Rogue Ohio Power Bar?

REP Power Bar Ex vs. Rogue Ohio Power Bar come very close in terms of features, build, and quality.

 In terms of cost, the Rogue Ohio Power Bar edges out the Power Bar Ex, but the stainless steel bar and sleeves is very valuable.

How Much Does the REP Power Bar EX Weigh?

The REP Power Bar EX weighs 44.1 pounds (20kg).

What is the REP Power Bar EX Used For?

The Ohio Power Bar is an all-around barbell used for lifts like deadlifts, squats, and bench press. Durable bronze-bushings, snap ring construction, and a loadable sleeve length of 16.25" make it a reliable multi-use barbell.

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