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It seems like there's nothing Rogue can do wrong. Every time I try to find a fault, I'm met with another fantastic reason why I love their products.

Today, I'm going to be talking about the Rogue DB-15 Loadable Dumbbells, and you might already be thinking, "well he's just going to give a glowing review" but that's not entirely true.

This review is more or less me asking the question if the loadable dumbbell is better than an adjustable dumbbell.

Brief Look At The Rogue DB-15 Loadable Dumbbell

Rogue Fitness figured out quickly that people loved the Ohio bar so much, that they chose to make them smaller, hence why we now have the DB-15 Loadable Dumbbell.

What separates the Rogue DB-15 Loadable Dumbbell from typical adjustable dumbbells, aside from the top-level Rogue quality, is that it has 6.75-inch loadable sleeves,

Why is that special? At 6.75", they're the longest loadable sleeves for a dumbbell yet.

Additionally, the appeal of a loadable dumbbell is easy to see. You don't need to buy new plates, you can (likely) use the one's you already have so it's ready to be used.

As the name suggests, the DB-15 weighs 15 pounds, a 5-pound difference over its little brother the DB-10.

Along with the obvious weight difference, the DB-10 only has a 3.625-inch loadable sleeve, so a significantly smaller size for your plates.

Rogue DB-15 Loadable Dumbbell

Small but mighty, the Rogue DB-15's have a loadable sleeve length of 6.75" and can handle up to 350lbs total.

Not to mention their compatibility with a wide range of weight plates.

rogue db15 loadable dumbbell


  • Compatible with Olympic weight plates
  • 2 different finishes - stainless steel or black zinc 
  • $150 price tag is generous for a quality, durable 
  • Same knurling as Rogue Ohio Bar
  • Reduces space needed in your home gym for traditional dumbbell set


  • Loadable sleeves can feel a bit long for certain exercises (curls)
  • Dumbbells are sold individually, and not in pairs
  • The bushing rotation system may need maintenance after a while

Is the Rogue DB-15 Loadable Dumbbell Worth It?

If I had to suggest a loadable dumbbell, it would most definitely be there for a couple of reasons.

First, the price tag is $300 for a pair, which sounds like a lot, but it’s actually hovering around the middle of the pack, and you’re certainly paying for quality.

Of course, the price increases when you throw in some accessories like the OSO collars (an additional $100), but they’re worth every penny.

The jump in price for the Titan Fitness Loadable Olympic Dumbbell Handles is $99, but as the lower price tag suggests, they aren’t as durable and have shorter loadable sleeves.

Gungnir Dumbler is one of the highest quality loadable dumbbells out there, but it’ll run you $549 and still has a shorter sleeve.

Price aside, Rogue is one of my favorite brands and an industry leader, so it stands to reason that their loadable dumbbell is also a top-notch piece of equipment with typically outstanding knurling, and great tensile strength reminiscent of the full-sized Ohio bar.

Good For:

  • Home gym owners who need more space/use existing equipment
  • Lifters who want a dumbbell that can handle heavyweight
  • Anyone that wants a dumbbell with top-tier knurling

Not Good For:

  • Budget lifters
  • People using thick plates, or have no weight plates
  • Lifters that want a short barbell

Rogue DB-15 Loadable Dumbbell - Specifications

Total Length


Loadable sleeve length


Compatible Weights

Olympic weight plates/Rogue dumbbell bumper plates


15 lbs

Grip Diameter


Handle Finish

Stainless steel or black zinc

Sleeve Coating

Bright zinc





Using the Rogue DB-15 Loadable Dumbbell 

Dumbbells are an incredibly versatile piece of gym equipment which are useful for weight training, cardio, and so much more. 

Adjusting tempo, reps, and movement types, the dumbbell can help add variation to your routine and train muscles in nearly any way imaginable.

The problem, however, is dumbbells rarely get heavy enough for moves like rows and bench presses without paying an ungodly amount of money.

Not only are standard dumbbells overly expensive, they also take up way too much space.

Unless you have a particularly large garage gym, it’s tough to find room for an entire set of dumbbells. 

Enter the Rogue DB-15 Loadable Dumbbell, which can be used for everything from curls to snatches.

As we’ve said, the DB-15 is essentially like a miniature Rogue Ohio Bar. Imagine if that barbell met the machine from Honey We Shrunk the Kids.

db15 loadable dumbbells

Here are the similarities between the Ohio Bar and the DB-15:

  • Made in USA
  • Black zinc shaft (also comes in stainless steel) and bright zinc sleeves
  • Standard knurl
  • 28.5-mm shaft diameter
  • Bronze bushings
  • 190,000-pound tensile strength steel
  • Lifetime warranty

The only differences between the two are that the Ohio Bar is longer and weighs more. Where else can you get a top-shelf barbell the size of a dumbbell?

Also, where else can you find a 350-pound dumbbell? That’s right, this bad boy can be loaded up to more than 350 pounds. 

There’s really only one thing we’d change, and that would be to add an option for a thicker handle (other reviewers have said this as well).

The DB-15 has a 28.5 millimeter handle, which is about the standard for a loadable dumbbell, but there’s nothing like a fat-handled dumbbell to test your grip and forearm strength.  

But then again, that’s what Fat Gripz are for.

Another minor inconvenience is that the end caps can be slightly uncomfortable when placed on your legs before doing shoulder presses, but that can be solved by finding a 3D printer near you (you can Google it) and making a few.

Other people have placed a circular piece of foam at the end, secured by their collar. 

And while we didn’t find this to be a problem, some reviewers have said the dumbbell is too long for them.

It clocks in at 20.5 inches in length, which is longer than a hex dumbbell and many other types of dumbbells.

Loadable Sleeve Length

The Rogue DB-15 Loadable Dumbbell has a 6.75-inch sleeve, giving you plenty of space to load up as many weight plates as you want.

Technically it can hold up to 350 pounds, but that’s going to depend on how thick your weight plates are. 

For example, the Rogue dumbbell bumper plates take up the entire sleeve so you can only fit one 45-pound plate per side at a time. 

Another caveat is that you’re going to have to leave some space for barbell collars to hold the plates in place.

It should be noted that traditional barbell collars will start to deteriorate over time, causing some slop between the plates.


The Rogue DB-15 Loadable Dumbbell and the Ohio Bar have a medium-depth knurl that’s aggressive enough for heavy lifts, but not so sharp that it’ll hurt during high-rep sets.


db15 bushing

The Rogue DB-15 Loadable Dumbbell uses bronze bushings for its rotation system, which is durable but could require occasional maintenance with a 3-in-1 oil on the sleeves. 

You’ll get enough spin when doing snatches, but not so much that it should affect slower movements like Romanian deadlifts.

Durability & Quality

The Rogue DB-15 Loadable Dumbbell comes in either a stainless steel or black zinc finish on the handle, both of which should provide many years of corrosion- and rust-resistance. 

The dumbbells have a tensile strength of 190K PSI, meaning they can handle just about anything you throw at them.

Rogue DB-15 Loadable Dumbbell vs. The Competition

Rogue DB-15 Loadable Dumbbell vs. Titan Fitness Loadable Olympic Dumbbell Handles

Titan Fitness 15-in Loadable Olympic Dumbbells aren't going to win any awards, but they get the job done.

Titan Fitness Loadable Olympic Dumbbell

Titan Fitness 15-in Loadable Olympic Dumbbells have the distinct advantage of being insanely cheap AND coming as a pair.

titan loadable olympic dumbbell

At a mere $90 per pair (currently on sale for $85), these loadable dumbbells are the budget lifters savior. Although they only have a 3.5" loadable sleeve, they can somehow hold 400lbs which is impressive to say the least.

Medium texture knurling and a 28mm shaft diameter make these a great choice if you're penny pinching.

Rogue DB-15 Loadable Dumbbell vs. Bells of Steel Loadable Dumbbell

Bells of Steel Loadable Dumbbell is a hidden gem in a sea of fitness equipment. Known for their barbells, their dumbbell is a true treat.

Bells of Steel Loadable Dumbbell

200lb weight capacity, 28mm handle, and handle knurling make this one of the best loadable dumbbells out there.

At only $99 per loadable dumbbell, the Bells of Steel Loadable Dumbbells are an absolute steal.

bells of steel

It comes in at $99.99 per dumbbell, which is significantly cheaper than Rogue's. It only has a 200lb weight capacity in comparison, which is more than most will ever need. 

It also features knurling on the 28mm handle and is a great budget option.

Rogue's quality is still ahead of the competition, but for the price, Bells of Steel offers a worthy alternative.

Rogue DB-15 Loadable Dumbbell vs. Gungnir Dumbler

Where do I begin when it comes to the Gungnir Dumbler? If you're looking for the top of the line loadable dumbbells, this is the one.

Gungnir Dumbler

The Ferrari of loadable dumbbells, the Gungnir Dumbler are as beautifully crafted and capable as they are mind-melting expensive ($549).

Unfortunately, the kind of Olympic-level performance you get from these bad boys comes at an insanely hefty price - $549.

Don't get me wrong, they're great, but you can buy two Ohio Power Bars for that price.

Regardless, they have a max weight load of 264lbs, built-in collars/titanium slidelocks, electroless nickel sleeve coating, bronze bushings, medium to aggressive knurling, and quite possibly one of the sexiest looking dumbbell/barbell designs you'll ever see.

Adjustable Dumbbells vs. Loadable Dumbbells

If you’re a home gym owner trying to decide between loadable dumbbells and adjustable dumbbells, here are a few reasons why you might choose one over the other. 

Adjustable dumbbells come in preset weight increments, which can vary anywhere from 2.5 to 10 pounds, and many don’t go above 100 pounds.

Loadable dumbbells, on the other hand, can be used to micro-load, or add minimal weight to your lift to help achieve progressive overload (which involves increasing the weight or volume of a movement to help make a lifter stronger or more muscular). 

This makes loadable dumbbells a great choice for bodybuilders and powerlifters.

Adjustable dumbbells sometimes differ in shape from a traditional dumbbell, which can also affect the range of motion you can achieve on certain movements.

And unless you’re willing to pay top dollar, not many adjustable dumbbells are going to come with a knurled handle that you can find on the Rogue loadable dumbbell. 

Finally, loadable dumbbells are much more durable than even the best adjustable dumbbells because they’re made with high-quality materials like stainless steel.

Adjustable dumbbells are constructed with lots of plastic, especially when it comes to the adjustment mechanism, and can crack if dropped. 

One advantage of adjustable dumbbells is that it takes less time and effort to change the weight than a loadable dumbbell.

Let’s say you’re doing a HIIT (high-intensity interval training) workout, and you need a lighter dumbbell for a certain movement.

Taking the time to change plates on your loadable dumbbell is going to disrupt your flow, as opposed to just adjusting the pin on a pair of Powerblocks. 

Adjustable dumbbells are also the better option for those in compact spaces such as apartments. I mean, can you imagine trying to find room for a stack of Olympic plates in a studio apartment?

Final Verdict - Rogue DB-15 Loadable Dumbbell Review

As expected, a miniature version of the Rogue Ohio Bar performs just as well as its bigger brother.

That’s not to say the Rogue DB-15 Loadable Dumbbell is perfect, as there are a few things we’d change about it. But, as far as loadable dumbbells go, this is our pick for most home gym owners. 

Rogue DB-15 Loadable Dumbbell

Reducing the amount of weights in your home gym is a huge benefit of the DB-15 Dumbbell.

Not to mention, it uses the same great knurling as the Rogue Ohio Bar.

rogue db-15 loadable dumbbell

What I Liked:

  • High-quality construction
  • Same great knurling as the Ohio bar 
  • 6.75 inches of loadable sleeve length
  • Can be used with weight plates you already have

What I Didn’t Like:

  • Total length is longer than other dumbbells 
  • End caps may hurt when placed on legs
  • A thicker handle option would be nice

Freeing up space in your home gym is a priority, and the Rogue DB-15 Loadable Dumbbells help solve this issue.

Using the weight plates you already own, this mighty loadable dumbbell is a great investment in a home gym space.

  • Brand: Rogue Fitness
  • Currency: $USD
  • Price: $300 (per pair)
  • In-Stock: In-Stock

Rogue DB-15 Loadable Dumbbell Rating

Build Quality


weight options







Rogue DB-15 Loadable Dumbbell FAQs

Are the Rogue DB-15 Loadable Dumbells Worth It?

If you want to free up space in your gym and already own weight plates, the DB-15 Loadable Dumbbells are absolutely worth it.

Rogue quality build, longest loadable sleeves, and high max weight capacity make them highly valuable.

How Much Do the DB-15 Loadable Dumbbells Cost?

The Rogue DB-15 Loadable Dumbbells cost $300 per pair.

Rogue DB-15 Loadable Dumbbell vs. Adjustable Dumbbell

The Rogue DB-15 Loadable Dumbbells allow you to put plates on the sleeves like a traditional barbell, and lock them in with a collar. It features a similar build to the Rogue Ohio Bar.

An adjustable dumbbell has a weight system, usually a dial or key and lock mechanism, they allows you to take product-specific weight plates in and out.

How Long are the Loadable Sleeves on the DB-15 Dumbbell?

The loadable sleeves of the DB-15 Dumbbell are 6.75", the longest loadable sleeve of any loadable dumbbell currently.

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