Rogue Gift Guide for the Holiday Season

Rogue Gift Guide for the Holiday Season, November 2021

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November is officially more than halfway over which means one thing - holiday shopping.

Yes, yes, Thanksgiving hasn’t even arrived yet but it’s never a bad idea to start getting your Christmas list whittled down before the onslaught of holiday shopping begins, and what better way to satiate your need for gains than with Rogues holiday gift offers?

We’re not just talking about Christmas either, Black Friday is rapidly approaching as well but you can get the drop on shopping by checking out some gifts for your home gym or for your favorite lifting buddy.

Let’s take a peek at Rogue's Holiday Guide and what kind of deals they’re offering.

Matte Black November

Before we get to the gifts themselves, it’s good to know that Rogue is offering some especially hefty incentives to get your fitness gift shopping done this month before the holiday rush. 

Hundo Pricing - Simply put, the more you shop, the more you save. This is a perfect option if you’re looking at bulk purchasing for tons of friends or family or even coworkers.

Max Shipping - You can take advantage of $75 flat rate shipping with the purchase of a power rack. Yes, a power rack is definitely an investment, but if you’re looking to start populating your home gym with equipment, now has never been a better time to do so!

$1/LB Dumbbells - Speaking of important home gym equipment, if you’re looking at buying some dumbbells, $1/LB is likely the best deal you’re going to find as it’s been tough treading finding dumbbells under that price ratio for a while.

Gift Cards

Choose between an E-Gift Card or a Physical Gift Card to give to anyone on your list for valid purchases with Rogue Fitness.

E-Gift Cards - Range from $20 up to $1000 and can be available within 24 hours for use.

Physical Gift Cards - Range from $25 up to $500.

Neither gift cards have fees nor do they expire either.

Gifts for Men

5.11 TacPlate Carrier

If improving endurance with an added edge is the game, then the 5.11 TacPlate Carrier is the game and endorses this gift in a heartbeat.

Add extra plates to increase the difficulty for runs outdoors or on the treadmill to shake up workouts.

It comes in 6 different colors + optional badges.

You can check out our list of best weighted vests to see other options as well that you may like.

Rogue Apparel

Adding new clothing to your closet or gifting someone some branded fitness apparel is a great way to knock off some names on the holiday shopping list.

From beanies to hoodies, Rogue has just about every kind of piece of clothing for in or out of the gym, and admittedly, I own quite a few of their hoodies too.

There's a good selection of branded apparel from Nike and Reebok for Crossfitters and powerlifters looking for weightlifting or deadlifting shoes as well.

Theragun Mini

Everyone, lifter or not, knows how annoying tight muscles and cramps can get so a massage gun is a hot-ticket item that is a crowd-pleaser.

Three different percussive settings, 1750, 2100, and 2400 percussions per minute, provide you with some impressive recovery.

The best part? The Theragun Mini is travel-sized and less expensive than its full-sized Pro and Elite counterparts so you can basically bring it anywhere.

Check out our breakdown of the best massage guns for more options.

Ohio Bar

This is a must for anyone looking to build their home gym (remember, $75 flat rate shipping with power rack!) as the Ohio Bar is an integral part of your exercise arsenal.

I’ve owned less than a handful in my life not because I didn’t like them, but because they simply don’t wear down which is the best criteria I have for a good deadlift bar.

If there's one thing you should be buying this holiday, it's an Ohio Bar.

Rogue offers plenty of barbells and we've compiled a list of the best they offer here.

Concept2 Rowing Machine

Last but not least is a nice little cardio machine by the name of the Concept2 Rower (also known as the Concept2 Row ERG).

If you’re not one for lifting but still love to work out in the solitude of your home, this is one of the staple machines out there.

You can do much worse than having a Concept2 Rower that allows you to crush your cardio goals and help build muscle while doing it too.

Check out our in-depth review for more info on the Concept2 Rower.

Gifts for Women

Rogue Apparel

Just like the Men’s section, Rogue offers plenty of apparel for you to rock in or out of the gym. 

Ranging in colors and size, you can find hats, pants, tanks, hoodies, and even socks for you to comfortably stand out in the crowd.

There are plenty of shoes and other specific clothing options like weightlifting shoes/deadlifting shoes that can be found in their apparel sections as well.

Echo Bike

Another beast of a cardio machine that anyone would want to show off in their home gym is the Echo Bike.

An on-board LCD display allows you to track your progress as you crush through your goals.

The best part about it? It’s sturdy yet quiet so it’s not going to cause a ruckus in your home gym.

You can even check out the review of the Rogue Assault Bike and look at our comparison of the Rogue Echo Bike vs Assault Bike.

Rogue Nylon Lifting Belt

Ladies lift heavy too, it’s a fact. What else is a fact? You need to make sure you’re doing so safely to avoid injuries so you can keep lifting heavy.

Rogue Nylon Lifting Belt is a perfect mixture of sturdy core support but it won’t break the bank.

A great gift that goes a long way for you or someone you know that wants to add to their gym bag.

Rogue Echo Foam Games Box

If you’re into a little bit of conditioning and a little bit of lifting, you might have found yourself getting into Crossfit

If that’s the case (or if you just like plyometric workouts), then the Rogue Foam Games Box is calling.

The ability to use it for 3 different height settings allows you to adapt your workouts and provides a reliable piece of gym equipment.

Rogue Yoga Mat

Last but not least is a dependable yoga mat, the Rogue Yoga Mat, to be exact.

There isn’t much else that can be said other than the quality is great and it maintains plenty of traction even on the slickest of hard flooring.

My girlfriend owns one, I own one, and it’s a handy gift for your house or for someone else you know who is into yoga.

Plus, it's only $20!

Gifts for Kids

Rogue Kids Apparel

We can’t let the grownups have all the fun, can we? If you have little ones or know someone with kids, why not get them on the Rogue bandwagon with children’s apparel.

Plenty of shirts to choose from to show off their Rogue swag and have them looking like future athletes and lifter all-stars.

Baby WOD Toys

Start them young, as the saying goes. Baby WOD Toys are an adorable addition to a crib or play area.

No weights are needed as these plush mock dumbbells are simply fun to play with even if they don’t give the same pump as mom or dad’s weights.

WOD Toys Barbell Mini

If you or someone with kids is looking for a gift that’s a little less plush and a little closer to mock weights, then WOD Toys also has their Barbell Mini kids toy.

Looks like a real barbell, but it’s made of a safe and durable plastic to simulate the lifting experience.

It even has adorable colored bumper plates so they can start practicing for future competitions.

WOD Toys Dumbbell Mini

Just as there’s the WOD Toys Barbell Mini, they also offer a similar line of Dumbbell Mini toys for kids.

The same type of durable and safe plastic allows them to simulate lifting with dumbbells minus the potential risks.

It’s never a bad idea to teach your kids about safe lifting practices and your fitness friends will love this gift too.

Final Thoughts

Some say it’s never too early to start your holiday shopping, and with Thanksgiving fast approaching that means Black Friday shopping and Christmas shopping aren’t far behind.

Luckily Rogue has our backs with their Rogue Holiday Guide and is offering some pretty unbeatable deals already so checking them out now and getting through your list so you can focus on your workouts instead of worrying about shipping times and holiday lines will keep you stress-free this holiday season.

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