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Rogue HG Plate vs. Rogue High Temp Plate vs. Rogue Comp Plate.

If you’re looking for a bumper plate, then you’re probably doing CrossFit or Powerlifting. In either case, depending on how you will be using the weights and your budget, you’ll want to take a look at what each of the different bumper plates options that Rogue Fitness offers to make a decision on what to buy.

First lets take a look at the HG Plate:


Made In USANo
Plate TypeMultipurpose
Collar Opening50.40MM
10LB Plate Width1.00″
15LB Plate Width1.37″
25LB Plate Width2.00″
35LB Plate Width2.75″
45LB Plate Width3.25″
55LB Plate Width3.75″

This HG plate has a medium thickness and is very durable and can take a beating, but not quite as durable as the High Temp Plate. If you’re looking for least expensive plate that will do the job for indoor or outdoor, high volume reps, this would be the best choice. It’s made out of solid rubber and doesn’t bounce very much.

Next lets take a look at the Rogue High Temp plate:


Made In USAYes
Plate TypeMultipurpose
10LB Plate Width1.37″
15LB Plate Width1.87″
25LB Plate Width2.25″
35LB Plate Width3.12″
45LB Plate Width3.75″

This High Temp plate is the most durable plate. It is made in the USA and is made out of recycled rubber. It has the most bounce and is great for indoor or outdoor, high volume use. If you’re looking for the most rugged plate and don’t mind the extra thickness, this is the one for you.

Lastly, lets compare these to the Rogue Comp Plate.


Made In USANo
Plate TypeCompetition
Collar Opening50.40MM
25LB Plate Width1.25”
35LB Plate Width1.70”
45LB Plate Width2.15”
55LB Plate Width2.50”

This Comp plate is great for platform use, and has a medium thickness. It is used in Olympic powerlifting competitions and CrossFit competitions. It is good for indoor use only and on platforms. This plate is not good for high volume use or slamming them against the gym mats. It is made of solid rubber, with a metal disc. If you have a platform and need a medium thickness high quality plate, this would be the best choice.


No bumper plate will fit every situation, but at least you can pick the right plate for you depending on your weight lifting environment. Happy lifting!

Biddrup Mallick

Biddrup has built 5 gyms from scratch. He's a fitness enthusiast and spends a lot of his free time at the gym. He has competed in power lifting events in his local city.

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