Let’s Talk About Sex: Helpful Sex Supplements to Improve Performance

Let’s Talk About Sex Helpful Sex Supplements to Improve Performance, October 2021

Sex. It’s on everyone’s mind almost all the time and it has a lot more to do with fitness than most like to believe.

Although we pride ourselves on discussing the overt topics regarding fitness and working out, like equipment reviews, supplements, and how to perform lifts, sexual health is just as important as knowing how to rehab a knee injury. Not to mention, sexual health is intertwined with your overall physical health.

Knowing this, it’s important that we help discuss how the supplements you use can help (and hinder) sexual performance so you’re feeling just as energetic in the gym as you are in the bedroom. Improving your libido is going to allow you to keep pushing hard in the weight room and...well the pun writes itself so I don’t think I have to say it!

Let’s take a look at how you can improve your sexual performance with supplements, which supplements may be impacting sexual performance, and why it’s important for your overall fitness goals.

How Do Sex and Fitness Relate

The question on which sex supplements will help improve libido and sexual performance needs some context. You may be wondering why or how sex and fitness are linked, but they’re much closer than many think.

Firstly, your sexual performance has plenty to do with how your body is doing in other areas, both physical and mental. Nutrition and exercise are tantamount to a better feeling and naturally, that carries over into how you can use that body, especially during. On the flip side, better sexual performance means you are using and moving your body which is a workout in of itself.

Along with the movements you perform and the exercise, nutrition is intrinsic to sexual performance and fitness.

Eating right can help you perform better in the gym and the bedroom, but there are also supplements that can be used to help with your overall performance. So, without further ado, I’ll list some helpful supplements that can be used to help boost sexual performance and physical performance.

Supplements for Improved Sexual Performance

There are plenty of supplements that are directly geared towards improving sexual performance, but I want to put more focus on supplements that have health benefits for general performance as well as sexual performance. 

You can find plenty of branded supplements that are merely an assorted mixture of vitamins, there are also plenty of supplements that are useful, so I’m going to include a healthy mix of both but skew towards ones that can be used in a more general sense. 

Optimum Nutrition OPTI-MEN®/Nutrition Opti-Women™ Multivitamin

Optimum Nutrition OPTI-MEN®_Nutrition Opti-Women™ Multivitamin, October 2021

First up is a good old multivitamin.

It doesn’t come as much of a surprise to see one of these on here for the basic fact that most people aren’t getting enough of their daily needs when it comes to vitamins in minerals from their diet alone.

You’ll also notice that I’ve included Optimum Nutrition Opti-Men Multivitamin and Optimum Nutrition Opti-Women Multivitamin, which I’ll explain. The reason for this is that men and women vary when it comes to daily needs. 

  • Multi-Vitamin for Active Women
  • 40 Active Ingredients
  • 23 Vitamins & Minerals
  • 150 Milligrams of Calcium

We all require nutrients like Vitamin A-F, Magnesium, Riboflavin, Zinc, etc. but there are some differences. Women often require more Iron as a result of menstrual cycles and a diet that often contains smaller portions of red meat or dairy. As for men, we often need more Vitamin C, Zinc, and some B-Vitamins.

In general, though, you’ll notice that the nutrient profile of multivitamins are very identical and these are to help our bodies maintain normal, healthy functions which translate to our day-to-day energy, athletic performance, and of course, sexual performance.

If anything, a good multivitamin is one of the essentials on this list that is good to have in your cupboard or cabinet regardless of your goals.

GNC Herbal Plus® Fenugreek

GNC Herbal Plus® Fenugreek, October 2021

GNC is a well known supplier and producer of supplements so if you’ve read previous posts about supplements, you’ll know they appear quite often.

For the purposes of talking about supplements and how they help with sexual performance and health the GNC Herbal Plus Fenugreek is one that is very helpful for hormone production. In short, Fenugreek helps stimulate the production of testosterone in men, which increases libido and blood flow, and in women, it helps stimulate estrogen to a similar extent.

  • 610 mg of Fenugreek Seed
  • For healthy digestion
  • Enhance lactation in nursing mothers
  • Support healthy blood sugar metabolism

Beyond just helping with hormone production, Fenugreek is also very helpful for slowing sugar absorption in the stomach and stimulating insulin levels which may be helpful for those with diabetes.

The other benefit that GNC Herbal Plus Fenugreek supplement provides is that it’s ingredient list is short - only one ingredient, Fenugreek seed powder. This should be a good bonus for vegans/vegetarians, or anyone with potential dietary restrictions. 

CURE® Hydration Daily Electrolyte Mix

CURE® Hydration Daily Electrolyte Mix, October 2021

Electrolytes aren’t just found in Gatorade to help with your raging hangover, but as someone who is talking about fitness for a living, try to lay off the alcohol as much as you can. Regardless, I’m not judging but electrolytes are still your best friend when it comes to performance.

You don’t need them just to recover on the track, they help you stay hydrated before, during, and after some sexual congress. That’s where CURE Hydration Daily Electrolyte Mix comes in.

  • Rapid Hydration
  • Vegan
  • Gluten Free
  • Organic Ingredients

The simplicity of CURE Hydration Daily Electrolyte Mix is that all it takes is mixing in the powder with some water and drinking it. Its nutritional content is pretty straightforward as it’s mostly potassium, sodium, and some carbohydrates.

Even the ingredients are nothing out of the ordinary. You might not see organic pomegranate juice powder, or organic beetroot juice powder often, but it’s good to know that it’s providing you with some healthy and well-sourced hydration for sport or play. 

Nugenix® Ultimate Testosterone

Nugenix® Ultimate Testosterone, October 2021

Finding a good test booster supplement can be incredibly difficult mostly for the fact that a lot of them are all filler, no killer. What I mean by this is that they’re mostly the branding that I mentioned earlier.

Nugenix Ultimate Testosterone is thankfully not just a fancy branding effort, it actually works quite well in my experience. Having low testosterone is an issue that affects plenty of men for various reasons. 

  • Advanced free testosterone complex
  • Contains 3000mg of D-aspartic acid
  • Helps to boost free testosterone
  • Maximize muscle and strength

Some of the primary causes are older age where test production decreases, or a naturally lower T level. Nugenix Ultimate Testosterone has ingredients like Fenugreek extract, D-Aspartic acid, maca root, and boron citrate, among many others.

The ingredients are found in plenty of test boosters so you can feel good knowing that you aren’t getting some wacky extracts or powders that you have no clue if they work or not. The ingredients range in increasing blood flow, increasing test production, and improve androgenic activity which are all keys to a better libido and sex life.

Plus, they can help you perform better in the gym as well which is a great two birds, one stone situation.

Superior Source DHEA

Superior Source DHEA, October 2021

DHEA is one that you may not have heard of but it’s an incredibly useful supplement when it comes to helping sexual performance and libido, which is why I’ve added Superior Source DHEA to this list.

DHEA is produced naturally in the body for men in their adrenal glands, testes and the brain. It’s actually considered one of the most pivotal hormones that the male body produces as it is crucial in the development of young men when it comes to their testosterone levels, blood flow, and influences puberty changes like body oil, pubic hair, and even odor.

  • Promotes bone strength
  • GMO Free
  • Gluten Free
  • Natural precursor to testosterone and estrogen

As for women, taking DHEA is still incredibly useful as it stimulates sexual gratification and libido because female hormonal production of testosterone is considerably lesser than men. It can also be effective for post-menstrual women to enjoy sex more.

DHEA is also effective at reducing complications from erectile dysfunction, and there’s even some evidence to support claims that it can help with muscle production, but it’s greatest benefit is in its sexual performance and health factors.

GNC Herbal Plus® Panax Ginseng

GNC Herbal Plus® Panax Ginseng, October 2021

When you think of ginseng, you’re usually thinking of tea or some kind of food, but ginseng has also been used as a supplement to help support sexual health for centuries.

GNC Herbal Plus Panax Ginseng is in the same family as GNC’s Herbal Plus Fenugreek, so you know you’re getting a simple source of the nutrient, but how does ginseng help with sexual performance and health?

  • Natural energy enhancer
  • Contains 3 types of ginseng
  • Improves mental alertness 
  • Enhances physical stamina and increases muscle strength

Ginseng is useful in improving blood flow, which is good for treating erectile dysfunction, decreasing stress, improving mood, boosting your immune system, and increasing overall energy.

The best part about ginseng as a supplement to aid in sexual health and performance is that it works equally well for men and women when it comes to impotence. In women, this is a decline in sexual energy, usually during menopause or postmenopause, and again for men in erectile dysfunction.

All in all, GNC Herbal Plus Panax Ginseng is a supplement that is a net benefit to your overall health.

Natrol Yohimbe Bark

Natrol Yohimbe Bark, October 2021

From the African evergreen tree comes Yohimbe bark, more specifically, we have Natrol Yohimbe Bark.

Yohimbe is most often used to help treat erectile dysfunction and improve blood flow which is good for overall energy when it comes to sexual and physical performance, but it’s not the only benefit.

Yohimbe bark is also used for potential weight loss aid, but the evidence isn’t fully conclusive that it is effective, although there are studies that show its ability to block certain androgen receptors in fat cells can help reduce weight and body fat.

  • Natural herb for male sexual health and vitality
  • Derived from the bark of the Yohimbe tree
  • Helps promote sexual vigor
  • Non-GMO

It’s also worth mentioning that Yohimbe bark supplements are banned in Australia, Canada and the U.K. The reason for this is that there have been reported adverse effects, but this is often because the supplements they were taking had conflicting ingredients or in tandem with conflicting supplements.

DHEA is safe when taken properly, just like you would want to be with a test booster or even something like creatine, but for sexual performance purposes, DHEA has been effective in my experience.


TestoFuel, October 2021

So, you might still be thinking that these test booster supplements are all filler, no killer. That’s a reasonable assumption as I have alluded to the fact that plenty of fitness and personal health supplements are about the branding, not the results.

Fortunately, TestoFuel is, in fact, a decent supplement. Granted, they aren’t immune to presenting itself as a promise over performance, but the ingredient list isn’t anything you wouldn’t find in many other products aimed at helping with sexual performance.

  • Increase muscle size and strength
  • Reduce Bodyfat
  • Boost Self-Esteem
  • Real Muscle Growth

Boosting test levels by using ingredients such as Fenugreek Extract, Oyster Extract, D-Aspartic Acid, Vitamin D, B6, K2, Magnesium, and Zinc are not unheard of considering D-Aspartic acid and Fenugreek appear on this list often.

The purpose of combining these ingredients, in particular, is to boost testosterone production which often equates to increased libido, as a result of blood flow and energy. It can help with mood, which surely doesn’t hinder you from wanting to move things to the bedroom with your partner. 

Final Thoughts

All of the supplements you’ve seen here are helpful for your sexual performance, but you’ve also seen that they are equally important for overall health as well.

Benefits like increased stamina are helpful for athletes or those who focus on endurance as a fitness goal. Improved libido isn’t just for sex, but also for everyday energy when doing chores or various daily activities. Increased blood flow is something that allows the body to cycle and refresh itself.

The parallels between general performance and health and sexual performance are astounding, but many people are shocked to learn what nutrients and vitamins help the body perform at all times, so now you’ve seen a good deal of what kind of supplements and their ingredients can help you perform well in the gym, but just as well in bed too!

Denver Matheson

I spend a lot of time at the gym and even more time in the kitchen giving my body what it needs to repair itself and grow stronger. The third most important place for any athlete is their research zone. That's exactly why this site exists, to help me share all of the information I've learned throughout the years just like people did for me in the first place!

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