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Theragun is a name you’ve recognized if you’re an athlete or lifter. One of the original massage guns, it’s also one of the best.

Therabody certainly isn’t your first thought when it comes to home gym brands, but as fancy they may seem - they make damn good products. 

This Theragun review is going to look at the 6 Theragun models currently available.

Comparing the Theragun Models


Wave Solo

Wave Duo


























Stall Force










1750, 2100, 2400 PPMs

1750-2400 PPMs

1750-2400 PPMs

1750-2400 PPMs








Battery Life

120 Min

200 Min

150 Min

120 Min

120 Min

300 Min








Brief Look at Therabody and Theragun

Therabody is now the new name that encompasses the Theragun line of massage guns.

Their rebrand in 2020 was to coincide with the change to focus on a wider range of products that focuses on fitness recovery as a whole.

Therabody is now a leader in holistic fitness recovery. They sell their flagship Theragun massage guns, but they also have foam rollers, compression systems, electric muscle stimulators, and even sell CBD products.

As neat as it all sounds, we’re going to be focusing solely on their Theragun massage guns.

Tips on Buying a Theragun

Theragun has 4 models to choose from, so it narrows it down compared to the endless waves of massage guns out there.

Each model offers something differently so here are some buying tips:

  • Theraguns are amazing, but they aren’t cheap. You can do your own research to see if there’s a more affordable model out there similar to a Theragun massage gun.
  • Read plenty of reviews and ask people if they like theirs. Theraguns might be an industry leader in recovery guns, but not everyone likes them.

Good For

  • Athletes and lifters that need deep-tissue massage and recovery.
  • No or little budget worries.
  • People that want fitness recovery on the go.

Not Good For

  • People on a budget.
  • Athletes and lifters looking for a gentler massage gun.

Are Theraguns Worth It?

This is always a tough question because my answer to, “Is it worth it?” for nearly every product I’ve reviewed is that it depends meaning it’s entirely subjective.

Sometimes brand names, like the Theragun, cost more simply for brand recognition, but whether it’s worth it is subjective unless a product is objectively terrible.

Normally, I tend to try and find alternatives if I can save money, but I’d offer my opinion on the matter - certain Theragun models are worth the money, and not just for brand name value.

I wouldn’t have thought I’d say that, but here we are.

Simply put, this is a testament to their quality.

I’ve tried plenty of massage guns over the years. Some from friends, just to see how theirs felt, some that I personally owned.

Using a Theragun always felt like it would be life changing, but it never truly did it for me at the time.

Things change and now I actually do quite enjoy Theragun massage guns, as loud and powerful as they can be at times, there’s one model that stands out as a must-recommend, but we’ll get to that in a bit.

Theragun Wave Solo/Wave Duo Review

The newest, most portable, and most budget friendly option, choose from solo or duo recovery wherever you are.

Theragun Wave Solo
Image of Theragun Wave Solo

A cute design and portability don't make up for how little value the Wave Solo has compared to the Mini.

Theragun Wave Duo
Image of one of the Wave Series by Theragun, Wave Duo

Questionable design makes the Wave Duo awkward  to use, an expensive foam roller replacement.


  • Incredibly portable
  • Quiet operation
  • 120- and 200- minute battery life
  • Pinpoints on pressure areas
  • Excellent traction when using hands-free
  • Bluetooth connectivity features


  • Harder to use by hand
  • Wave Duo can feel awkward, especially in small areas
  • Least powerful Therabody massagers

Therabody must have heard the complaints about pricing and decided to come out with their most budget massagers in the Theragun Wave Solo and Theragun Wave Duo.

At $79 and $99 respectively, they’re still expensive for a non-traditional massage gun, so it’s still not everyone’s cup of tea, this time for design reasons.

Regardless, they’re not something to dismiss for fitness recovery options.

As you can tell, neither of these are massage guns, but balls. They’re meant to replace the old lacrosse ball technique to reach deep massaging pressure in awkward spots.

With the Theragun Wave Solo, this is pretty easy, but the Wave Duo is a little more akin to a roller (for which Therbody makes a massaging roller). 

Why include it? Well, for starters it’s the most budget and portable friendly options. The texture silicone exterior is also generously grippy, albeit trying to hold it and massage is a little weird.

Even though it only features 3 vibration frequencies, it has a battery life of 120-minutes which isn’t half bad.

My favorite feature of both models is the QuietRoll Tech that helps mute the noise. It isn’t perfectly quiet, but it’s a lot less noisy than other Thergun massagers, so that’s an improvement.

The addition of Bluetooth connectivity to use your phone as a remote is handy as well.

All in all, it’s not going to replace a traditional massage gun, but it could be the budget-friendly option to see if you want to stick with the Therabody brand in the future.

Theragun Mini Review

Good things do come in small packages, and Therabody’s miniature edition of their massage gun proves this.

Theragun Mini

Likely the most value per dollar, the Theragun Mini is an excellent portable massager that doesn't take up too much space in your gym bag.

Image of Theragun Mini


  • Very portable and compact
  • 150-min battery life
  • 12mm amplitude power
  • Ergonomic grip
  • Color options (4 colors)


  • Only one massage head attachment
  • Less powerful than other Theragun models
  • Still not truly budget friendly, even for a mini

Coming in as the 2nd least expensive Theragun massager is the Theragun Mini, which is more of a traditional recovery gun.

Even with it’s cute compact design and lesser power, it’s still far from what I’d call a budget massage gun. However, looking at its performance, it’s no slouch either.

Most mini massage guns are weak just by virtue of them being mini. They often stop before an amplitude (extent of vibration or oscillation) of 10 millimeters, meaning they don’t go too deep into your tissue.

Theragun Mini has an amplitude of 12 millimeters, higher than nearly every mini massager out there. In fact, a lot of full sized massage guns don’t massage 12 millimeters into tissue.

If you want to think of the full-sized Theragun massagers as a donut, the Theragun Mini is the donut hole.

The triangular handle design looks like it’s been cut out of the full-sized handles, and thankfully, it’s still ergonomic and comfortable to hold, but it’s not perfect.

Even if it doesn’t fit just right in your hand, this recovery gun is only 1.2lbs, so it’s not cumbersome in that regard.

Likewise, the 2-hour battery life is a welcomed surprise for such a small massager.

The downside to the Theragun Mini is the lack of additional massage head attachments.

Only one is a bit of a bummer for a mini massager that runs for $200, but you can buy them separately for $20-$30 each. Your choice.

Theragun Prime Review

Therabody’s full-sized massage gun, it’s called the Prime for a reason. It’s the best all-around option.

Theragun Prime

For best all-around Theragun, the Theragun Prime takes the top spot due to the reasonable battery life, ergonomic grip, and variable speed options.

Image of Theragun Prime


  • Multiple, customizable speed options
  • Multi-grip handle for ergonomic use and positioning
  • Reasonable price for amount of features
  • Additional massager heads
  • Bluetooth connectivity


  • 2-hour battery vs. Pro’s 5-hour battery
  • Low stall force (30lbs)
  • No force meter

The Theragun Prime is as the name suggests, prime. What the hell does that mean? It’s the top-choice.

I told you we’d get to which of the massagers was my favorite and this is the one, so let’s see why.

First, the price is justifiable for what you’re getting. The power, and 5 default speeds (1750, 1900, 2100, 2200, 2400 percussions per minute) are perfect for any level of recovery.

You can adjust anywhere between those 5 speeds with the Bluetooth connectivity on the Theragun app from your phone as well.

For such a well-rounded and well-sized massage gun, it’s only 2.2lbs, which is 1lb heavier than the Mini. Quite immaculate.

Besides that, Therabody uses a QX65 motor with their QuietForce technology to keep it (relatively) quiet. 

As much as I love this massager, it does have a few faults.

Primarily the stall force being only 30lbs, which is the point where the motor quits, so it can’t run forever. Speaking of which, it has a 2-hour battery which is good, but compared to the Pro’s 5-hours, it’s a bit frustrating.

Nonetheless, the Theragun Prime is the favorite and go-to when looking for a Therabody massage gun in the full-sized lineup.

Theragun Elite Review

The Elite model bridges the gap between professional level massage gun and a full-fledged percussive therapy treatment.

Theragun Elite

The Theragun Elite, while good, doesn't offer too much over the Prime to justify the $100, but the 16mm amplitude is well-appreciated.

Image of Theragun Elite


  • 16-millimeter deep amplitude
  • Includes force meter
  • Higher stall force (40lbs) than the Prime


  • 2-hour battery vs. Pro’s 5-hour battery
  • Not much of a difference in features vs. Prime
  • Extra $100

With a name like the Theragun Elite, you’d expect more, sadly, that’s not the case in this instance.

Mind you, the Elite is a great percussive recovery tool, but it’s not the step up you’d expect.

Things I was impressed by were the additional of a force meter to see how pressure you’re applying, and the 40lb stall force, which is unlikely to be reached by most people.

You’re also getting an additional massager head attachment. That’s where the improvements end.

Not that it’s a bad massage gun, but for $100 more, you’re getting:

  • Same 16-millimeter amplitude
  • Same 120-minute battery life
  • Same speed range, presets, and customization speed options
  • Same QX65 motor… the Prime, which doesn’t feel like much of an improvement to me for the money.

If you’re going to spend the extra money, you might as well go all-in and get the top of the line model - the Pro.

Theragun Pro Review

The Theragun Pro is as good as it gets for massage therapy guns. A staple amongst world-class athletes in any sport.

Theragun Pro

If you want the best, you pay for the best. Theragun Pro is costly, but it provides professional level massaging that elite athletes use.

Image of Theragun Pro


  • 5-hour battery
  • Deepest tissue pressure
  • Force meter
  • 6-additional massage head attachments
  • Stall force of 60lbs


  • Unnecessarily powerful for average person
  • Bulky, large
  • Highest price tag

Theragun Pro could be argued by some to be overkill, and you wouldn’t be wrong. Does that mean it isn’t cool as heck?

Nope, it’s pretty badass. That’s what you’d expect from their top-dog model and it doesn’t disappoint in terms of capabilities.

As large and bulky as it can be, and believe me it is at 3lbs, it makes sense when you see what’s under the hood.

A stall force of 60lbs is absolutely overkill, but if you want to push the limits, you’re good to go. 

It includes an OLED screen to view the force meter to see how far you’re pushing the percussive power which has an amplitude of 16-millimeters, same as the Elite.

It uses a QX150 motor to handle the longer battery life, 5-hours, when using this thing up to 2400 percussions per minute.

Oddly, the charge time is only 75 minutes, 5 less minutes than the Prime. Go figure?

Even with all the power, and the 6-additional attachment heads, the $600 price tag is steep for most people.

It’s a favorite for elite athletes, but is it worth it for the average person? It’s up to you to decide if you want the top-of-the-line product.

Theragun Reviews

It’s always hard to gauge when reviews are honest or not, but Theragun massage guns are even harder to tell.

It appears that it’s a hate it or love it product, because a lot of reviews are 50/50.

It all comes down to your personal preference on features vs. cost and what you need out of your massage gun.

Final Verdict - Theragun Review

Opinions can vary wildly on whether Theragun is all hype, or worth the price.

What they are is a line of awesome massage guns that feature some of the best percussive power out there, coupled with some equally impressive tech. 

What they also are, is expensive and sometimes unnecessary.

I would not recommend these to anyone on a budget, and that you can do some research to find a massage gun that is less likely to make your wallet weep, but they aren’t expensive for no reason.

  • Therabody has 6 different Theragun models - Theragun Wave Solo, Theragun Wave Duo, Theragun Mini, Theragun Prime, Theragun Elite, Theragun Pro.
  • Theragun products are a treat to use. They look good, feel good, and quality + care is easily evident in their line of massage guns. They perform incredibly well to reduce soreness, tightness, and aid in recovery of the body after sports, lifting, or other physical activity.

Theragun FAQs

Here are some commonly asked questions about Theraguns:

Is a Theragun Good For Muscles?

Theraguns work exceptionally well to temporarily relieve muscle soreness, tightness, and pain.

A Theragun can also be used before a workout to improve mobility in muscles by increasing blood flow.

Can A Theragun Hurt You?

Although it is unlikely to hurt you, you shouldn’t use a Thergun for extended periods of time in any one particular area.

Similarly, do NOT use a Theragun (or any massage gun) on your groin region, your head, or any open wounds/sores.

Why Is a Theragun So Expensive?

Theraguns are often considered more expensive because many believe them to be the premiere massage guns on the market.

It’s also arguable that it is due to the patented design qualities, like their handles and motors. Some think they’re expensive due to brand name as well.

Why Does My Theragun Bounce?

If your Theragun begins to bounce, it means you’ve exceeded the stall force limit on your massager.

Stall force is the amount of pounds of pressure the Theragun can handle before function becomes impaired.

You can easily stop your Theragun from bouncing, by reducing force of pressure applied.

Final Thoughts

Theragun is many things. 

A highly recognizable brand, a line of powerful massage guns, a leader in top-tier recovery products.

What it isn’t is a slouch in the cost department, for better or for worse. 

Torn between whether that is a good thing or bad thing, this review has laid out all of the many reasons why a Theragun massage gun is a worthy investment, and some reasons you might look elsewhere for the best massage gun, but what is certain is that Therabody has crafted a massage recovery tool that is sleek and effective.

Denver Matheson

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