TikTok Fitness Influencers: Finding The Best Fitness Accounts

TikTok Fitness Influencers Finding The Best Fitness Accounts, July 2021

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Social media and at home workouts go hand in hand. There are many reasons for this, ranging from: convenience, comfort, practicality, at home responsibilities, saving money, no judgment, and the list goes on and on. 

In our day and age, we all have our phones on us, all the time. We can regularly check the news, catch up on emails, browse the web, do some shopping, get our social media fill and tons of other stuff, but most importantly, we can now access a wide variety of fitness resources to so that we can attain our peak levels of body performance, physical appearance and mental health.

While we can access a lot of inspirational workout videos on popular social media outlets like Youtube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, we are seeing a huge upsurge in workouts on TikTok, which is the latest social media craze.

What is TikTok?

TikTok is a new and very popular social media platform that is dedicated to short videos. Users mostly use it for comedy, dances and lip-sync videos, but lately, the app has seen a growing number of informational, political, positive mindset and inspirational workout videos as well.

Normally, top fitness bloggers would have a hard time fitting a workout or even a few sets within a workout into such a short video, but TikTok fitness influences have found very creative ways to do it. 

There are a number of TikTok fitness influencers who are worth a follow if you are looking for a quick and surprisingly detailed and thorough demonstration of inspirational workout videos.

Top TikTok Fitness Influencers

Demi Bagby - @demibagby

Coming from San Diego, California, Demi Bagby is an accomplished CrossFit athlete who uses her TikTok account to post about workouts and fitness in general.

With 11.8 million followers at the time of writing this article, she is easily one of the top fitness bloggers on TikTok and social media as a whole.

Her workout videos feature her doing different kinds of routines in public places, whether they are on sidewalks, driveways, beaches, urban cities and even deserts.

Her account focuses on all aspects of fitness, with her videos ranging from cardio, healthy eating, powerlifting, strength training, proper workout technique, and everything in between. 

Demi Bagby is worth a follow for all around tips and inspirational workout videos.

Ulisses Jr. - @ulissesworld

A New York City based TikTok influencer who is also British, Ulisses Jr is a two time MuscleMania Pro World Champion and a two time MuscleMania SuperBody Champion.

With 1.1 million followers on TikTok, he consistently provides a wide mix of fitness and entertainment videos sprinkled throughout. With his impressive resume of accomplishments in strength training, his TikTok feed is full of powerlifting, weight training, calisthenics and overall strength workout videos.

However, his TikTok feed is full of personality as well, as he also posts funny videos of him pranking his family, dancing lightheartedly or comedic skits. 

Ulisses Jr is a great follow if you’re looking for a good balance of strength training and captivating entertainment.

Cassey Ho - @blogilates

Based in Los Angeles, California, Cassey Ho is a prime example of being one of the top TikTok fitness influences currently.

As the founder of Blogilates, a widely successful pilates account that started on Youtube, her 11.1 million followers eagerly look forward to her workout videos as one of the top fitness bloggers of all time.

Her workout videos--all branded with her Blogilates brand, focuses on classic pilates routines with catchy pop songs and an overall fun vibe.

Her videos feature great tutorials for beginners and experts alike, as well as eating tips, healthy living and challenging yourself in safe but productive ways. 

Cassey Ho is a great follow for healthy living and for a branded approach to fitness.

Dani - @danaimak

Based in Reading, England, Dani is one of the top TikTok fitness influencers currently with her straight to the point videos, clear instructions and healthy lifestyle.

Her 159.9k followers look forward to her positive energy, entertaining videos and most importantly, her inspirational workout videos to try and shape their own fitness journeys.

Her TikTok feed is full of positive attitude tips, healthy eating habits, HIIT training, strength building and the occasional comedy video or beauty tip here and there. 

Dani is definitely worth a follow if you are looking for all around positivity, healthy living and positive reaffirmations.

Antonie Lokhorst - @antonielokhorst

Born in the Netherlands, the Dutch fitness pro uses his contagious energy to inspire his viewers.

With his 4 million followers on TikTok, this top fitness blogger maintains a high social media profile by also offering tips for other TikTok fitness influencers to be successful in sharing fitness inspiration.

His TikTok feed features a lot of calisthenics work in the context of already popular trends on the app. 

For example, many of his videos feature him using lots of popular TikTok songs, but instead of dancing (like other users) he would show off a workout routine. 

Antonie Lokhorst is a great account to follow if you are looking for up to date trends in social media, but with a challenging fitness twist. 

Jen Selter - @jenselter

Based in New York, Jen Selter first rose to internet stardom on Instagram, but has since moved on to TikTok to share her fitness inspirations to her followers there.

She was one of the first to widely popularize at home workouts, and her 13 million followers is a prime example of that.

Her videos feature lots of lower body and ab work, as her TikTok inspirational workout videos often include resistance band movements, ab training and squats. 

Her videos are usually very simple to follow even for beginners. Jen Selter is a great follow for squats, ab workouts, lower body and resistance training.

James Tollefson - @jamestollefson

Based in the US, James Tollefson rose to prominence on TikTok for his contagious energy, easy workout videos and positive attitude. With more than 106k followers, his ab training videos and overall health tips have earned him a trusted following.

His TikTok videos focus on ab work, as his workout routines revolve around pushups, situps or anything of the sort. He will occasionally post the comedy skit or dance video as well.

James Tollefson is a great follow for anyone who is looking to workout their abs.

Final Thoughts

These top TikTok fitness influencers are only a few of the top fitness bloggers out there. With TikTok on the rise as a trusted source of inspirational workout videos, you can really look to the app for short videos that can still change your entire fitness journey.

Each one of the above TikTok fitness influencers offers something a little different--you can always follow all of them for some great workouts and some pretty entertaining content overall. 

I hope this guide helps!

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