Titan Fitness Power Bar Review

Titan fitness is no stranger to creating quality equipment, and this time, their attempt at their very own power bar is at the forefront of a new review.

How does the Titan Fitness Power Bar stack up to the competition, how does it differ, and does it offer enough on its own to justify it against the sea of powerlifting barbells out there?

No two power bars are the same, contrary to the fact that they can often feel like one and the same.

The Titan Fitness Power Bar may not be the most exciting bar out there, or have the most prestige behind its name, but it's far from a slouch in the build quality and performance categories.

Let's take a look at what makes the Titan Series Power Bar such a sneaky good barbell.

Titan Fitness Power Bar

It's not as well known, but the Titan Fitness Power Bar has a durable black zinc shaft, 2000lb weight capacity, and enough tensile strength to handle all your lifts.

titan power bar


  • 2000lb Weight Capacity
  • Black Zinc shaft finish
  • 200K PSI Tensile Strength
  • Aggressive texture knurling


  • Not the cheapest power bar
  • Chrome sleeves for that price isn't ideal

Brief Look at the Titan Fitness Power Bar

The Titan Series Power Bar has a black zinc coating on the shaft, which is one of the first things I noticed that makes this a durable bar.

Along with the black zinc, which helps reduce the issue of oxidation, you can expect a typical tensile strength PSI rating of 200 000, standard for most powerlifting bars.

It also has a weight capacity of 2000lbs which is more than some of the higher-quality barbells in the powerlifting barbell category which was a bit of a surprise.

Aggressive texture knurling, with classic powerlifting marks, and a center knurl are also present.

All in all, a fairly straight forward power bar.

titan series power bar

What I Liked

  • Grippy knurling
  • Black Zinc coating is rust-protective
  • Strong tensile strength and max weight

What i Didn't Like

  • Chrome sleeves at that price is unfortunate
  • Not as good build compared to bars in similar price range

Is the Titan Fitness Power Bar Worth It?

As much I was surprised by the admittedly good technical specifications and decent build of the bar, I found myself thinking, "Is there a better bar for this price range?"

The answer is yes, but we'll get to that later. For now I'd say the bar is definitely worth it but you can certainly find much more generous deals.

Something that is disappointing is that this bar is made overseas, but you can find quality made in USA barbells for similar or cheaper prices.

The Titan Fitness Power Bar is going to allow you to perform every lift you need to - from deadlifts to bench press, as well as the next bar, but you want a barbell that's going to last you a lifetime.

I'm not 100% convinced this is one I'd have around that long.

Titan Fitness Power Bar - Specifications

Bar Weight

44.1 Lbs. (20 Kg)

Shaft Diameter



Aggressive Texture

Center Knurl


Sleeve Finish


Shaft Coating

Black Zinc

Tensile Strength

200 000K PSI

Bar Length


Loadable Sleeve Length




Made In USA




Using The Titan Fitness Power Bar

There's not much to say here that you haven't already heard.

It's a durable bar, as evidenced by the black zinc coating, and it has a good build to handle plenty of weight, more than you'll likely ever need, plus an expected tensile strength rating for a power bar.

So what are my hang-ups about the bar?


No hang-ups here. It's good knurling with an aggressive texture that isn't overly sharp.

A traditional diamond pattern makes this a grippy knurl that won't slide out of your grip during lifts.

It also has center knurling to help with squats, where the bar can snuggly grip onto your upper back and keep it there as well.

Shaft & Sleeves

Like I said, the black zinc coating on the shaft is an awesome addition as black zinc is a very durable coating material. It's also a 28.5mm shaft which is standard IPF-required dimension for a power bar.

It ranks high up on the list of coating/finishes for a barbell that will resist oxidation, which is the fancy way of saying it'll prevent rust and corrosion.

If you've ever owned a bare steel barbell and used a garage gym with the door open, more often than not, you'll notice the bar finish starts to rust faster.

This is where we come to the sleeves.

There's nothing inherently wrong with chrome sleeves on a barbell - at all.

So why am I disappointed? Same reason I was disappointed in it when Rogue does it with their Ohio Power Bar, for $300+, I'd expect them to use a better finish or coating.

If Titan is going to make a $300 basic power bar that uses black zinc coating on the shaft, why not on the sleeves too? Maybe I'm just nitpicking, but if I can call Rogue out for it with their terrific Ohio Power Bar, I can call Titan out on it too.


Black zinc is great and very rust preventative.

Again, I just wish for the price they'd go the extra mile with the sleeves, even though chrome is decent, I'd expect a little more for a bar that's $300.

Tensile Strength

At 200 000 PSI tensile strength, you're getting the standard that most all power bars have. Anywhere from 180K to 220K is what you'll find in most power bars.

You may find some a little lower, around 160 000 PSI or higher, upwards of 250K, but odds are you're not going to put that to the limit.

I've put 450+Lbs on a barbell with a similar tensile strength rating and there was no whip (flex) to the bar at all.

Titan fitness Power Bar vs. Bells of Steel Powerlifting Bar 2.0

Titan Fitness Power Bar was what I expected to be a budget power bar - it unfortunately was not.

It provides good specs and decent build, but for a much cheaper price, the Bells of Steel Powerlifting Bar 2.0 is available.

Bells of Steel Powerlifting Bar 2.0

The best budget power bar hands down. The Bells of Steel Powerlifting Bar 2.0 gives you the most bang for your buck, and it's incredibly cheap at that for a quality-built bar.

bells of steel barenaked powerlifting barbell

Granted, the cheaper of the two is bare steel (other power bar is cerakote), but if you're lifting indoors, bare steel is perfectly fine - especially at $250.

It's very well built, manufactured in Canada, comes with lifetime warranty, and features identical technical specifications so it's my top choice for best budget powerlifting barbell.

Titan Fitness Power Bar vs. CAP The Beast Power Bar

If you want to go no-frills, then the CAP The Beast Power Bar is a solid choice for the budget lifter.

CAP The Beast Power Bar

No frills is the best way to describe the CAP The Beast Power Bar. It might not wow you with build quality or specs, but for sub-$250, it's a budget lifters dream.

CAP is a decent fitness brand, and The Beast Power Bar is ok, but for the price, it's awesome if you're okay with upgrading barbells in a few years time.

It only has 110K PSI tensile strength, one of the lowest I've tried or tested, but for $219 - $249 (depends on buying option you pick), it's going to save you plenty of money to spend on other equipment.

Customer Experience

Even though I'm not overly enthused by the Titan Fitness Power Bar, I can safely say that Titan Fitness as a brand are above expectations.

They provide excellent customer service which includes the ever-so generous free shipping on all orders.

You can contact them via phone or email from their site with any questions or concerns as well.

Final Verdict - Titan Series Power Bar Review

Titan Fitness Power Bar

Although it's no Rogue Ohio Power Bar, the Titan Fitness Power Bar certainly offers plenty to powerlifting home gym owners with it's high weight capacity and tensile strength.

Combined with a black zinc finish, this makes it a quality barbell. The big concern is the price tag which is competing with bars of a much higher caliber.

Brand: Titan Fitness

Currency: $USD

Price: $299.99

Product In-Stock: In-Stock

Titan Power Bar Rating



build quality











Titan Fitness Power Bar FAQs

Is the Titan Power Bar Worth It?

Although the price tag is fairly high compared to better performing and built bars, the Titan Power Barbell is a quality power bar that can handle any deadlift, squat, or bench press.

Titan Power Bar vs. Ohio Power Bar?

The Ohio Power Bar offers multiple finishes that are around the same price as the Titan Power Bar with the added bonus of being made in the US.

The Rogue Ohio Power Bar is my choice for best overall power barbell.

How Much Does the Titan Power Bar Weigh?

The Titan Power Bar weighs 44.1lbs or 20kg.

What is the titan Power Bar Used For?

The Titan Power Bar is used for powerlifting. It is primarily used for lifts like the deadlift, squat, and bench press, but can be used for just about any lift.

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