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Another day, another weight bench review - this time it's the Titan Fitness Flat Bench.

True to their style, Titan doesn't give us the flashiest offering with this flat bench, but that doesn't matter given the price tag and capability it has for such a budget cost.

This review of the Titan Flat Bench will cover the build of the bench, how it feels, how it holds up in use, features you'll want to know about, and everything that makes it a perfect piece of budget home gym equipment.

Why trust my review? Simple, this is what I love to do! I only provide you with the products I would personally recommend through my reviews, round-ups, and best-of lists.

Not all products are going to make the cut, but extensively testing out the equipment so you can be sure it's up to task is my pride and joy!

Brief Look at the Titan Fitness Flat Weight Bench

Titan Fitness is one of my favorite home gym brands simply because of what I said in the opener - they know their audience and don't try to get too fancy.

Sure it's nice to have some high-tech gadgetry and fancy designed equipment, but sometimes you just need a sturdy and reliable weight bench that isn't extravagant.

Enter, the Titan Fitness Flat Weight Bench.

If you've ever seen a flat-foot weight bench with a steel frame, then you've seen the Titan flat bench, but underneath the unassuming look, this thing is actually quite capable.

Titan Fitness Flat Bench

A flat-foot design helps keep the Titan Fitness Flat Weight Bench sturdy, allowing up to 1000lbs of capacity, at a height of 17" (IPF-standard), and a 3x3" 11-gauge steel frame.

titan flat weight bench


  • Budget friendly flat bench
  • Sturdy 3x3" 11-gauge steel frame
  • Flat-foot design provides stability
  • IPF-required height (17")


  • Flat-foot posts get in the way for some lifts
  • Padding is only 2" thick
  • Vinyl could be better

Is the Titan Fitness Flat Weight Bench Worth it?

Deciding whether a fitness product is worth it usually comes down to preference, and benches are no different. I'd suggest you try out plenty of weight benches before you pick one. 

Sometimes a shorter bench is nicer, sometimes a taller bench is best, but the Titan Fitness Flat Bench seems to find a good groove as a dependable middle-of-the-pack budget flat bench. 

Although it's budget-friendly, it's not a barebones, low-quality bench mind you. 

titan flat bench

If you need a solid bench for bench press, dumbbell exercises, bodyweight workouts, or simply want somewhere to comfortably sit in your gym during rest periods, you can do a lot worse than the Titan Fitness Flat Bench.

It's no REP FB-5000 Bench, but it's a great bench that is sturdy, durable, easy to transport, and comes at a low cost.

Good For

  • People who need a budget weight bench
  • Lifters that move their bench around during workouts (has wheels/handle)
  • Anyone that needs a stable flat bench for their home gym

Not Good For

  • Lifters that don't want the leg posts getting in the way during lifts
  • People that want plenty of padding for comfort

Titan Fitness Flat Bench - Specifications


52” L x 17” W x 17” H

Bench Weight

37 Lbs.

Weight Capacity

1000 Lbs.


3×3″ 11-gauge steel

Pad width


Pad thickness


Made in USA




Using the Titan Flat Weight Bench

Titan is a go-to for me and many others when it comes to budget-friendly, quality fitness equipment and their flat weight bench is a testament to this business plan.

The Titan Fitness Flat Weight Bench is nothing fancy in terms of design, but it doesn't have to be. It's flat-foot post design keeps it stable during any lifts.

Not to mention, it can hold 1000lbs so you're never going to hit the weight capacity.


As mentioned, the frame is made from steel and uses a two-post flat-foot design to keep it anchored to the ground. Although it's stable, the legs can get in the way when positioning your feet during bench press, and it's something I dislike personally.

The steel frame is 3x3" 11-gauge steel, which is perfect, you can't go wrong with either 2x3" or 3x3", although I prefer 2x3.

Being able to hold 1000lbs as a budget flat bench is also a huge plus as many flat benches in this price range go up to 700lbs, but again, odds of you testing that capacity are unlikely - but who knows, maybe you'll surprise me!

Pad & Vinyl

titan flat bench pad

One of my gripes with this bench, aside from the feet getting in the way, is that the pad is kind of thin.

It's 2" thick, which isn't terrible, you're not going to feel the frame, but 2 1/2" or more is preferred so you can dig yourself into it during lifts comfortably.

The vinyl covering on the pad is good, it's grippy enough not to slide off, and at the price, I can't complain too much about it not being as high quality as flat benches from Rogue or REP.

Handle & Wheels

titan weight bench wheels
titan weight bench handle

The bench itself is only 37lbs so it's really easy to pick up and move around, but Titan are nice and included a handle and wheels to help you move it around.

It's a little addition that makes the Titan Flat Weight Bench an excellent buy at its current price.

Titan Flat Bench vs. REP FB-3000 Flat Bench

Just like the Titan bench, the REP FB-3000 Flat Bench is a no-filler flat bench that won't win any awards, but gets the job done well nonetheless.

REP FB-3000 Flat Bench

The REP FB-3000 Flat Bench is, for all intents purposes, the same bench. It has some differences though.

The FB-3000 has a 700lb capacity, 18" height, and no wheels/handle, but it's the same price and is great build quality.

Standing 18", it's 1" taller, so while it's IPF-qualified, it can be a tad tall for lifters with shorter legs for bench press stability. It has a good flat-foot design for stability.

The FB-3000 weight bench is also 40lbs, so it's fairly stable and can handle up to 700lbs, more than enough for most lifters. Additionally, it comes in 4 colors.

Titan Flat Bench vs. Rogue Flat Utility Bench 2.0

The Rogue Flat Utility Bench 2.0 is the closest in class to the Titan Flat Bench and it's easy to see based on the design.

Rogue Flat Utility Bench 2.0

The Rogue Flat Utility Bench 2.0 is closer in competition to the Titan bench, but it opts for an angled leg design for added stability and an 18" height.

rogue flat utility bench

A flat-foot design provides stability, but Rogue opted for an angled post to make it even more stable, but that also means it's shorter than the Titan so it doesn't meet IPF standards. 

It's a good flat bench but it's $210 vs. Titan's $149 so it's not nearly as budget friendly, but the quality isn't something to question on the Rogue Utility Bench.

Titan Flat Bench vs. REP FB-5000 Competition Flat Bench

The REP Fitness FB-5000 Competition Flat Bench is likely one of my all-time favorites simply because the value of this high-quality flat bench is unmatched.

REP FB-5000 Competition Flat Bench

The REP FB-5000 Comp Flat Bench is the upgraded version of the FB-3000 and it has a much more rigid build quality, thicker padding (4"), and the same IPF-standard height requirements.

rep fb-5000 bench

While it's about $100 more than the Titan Flat Bench, the construction and build quality, including the intelligent single-post design plus 4" padding, make it a must for lifters that don't want to spend too much but still get a high-class competition bench.

Customer Experience

Titan Fitness is always easy to contact with questions or concerns, but I've never had to contact them over concerns or problems with my orders.

You can contact them by phone or email on their site and they have a professional customer service team. Similarly, you can see the reviews on their products, people love their stuff!

Titan Fitness is a budget-friendly fitness brand but equipment can still be pricey, but I did a write-up on how to save money on Titan Fitness equipment to help you get some savings.

Final Verdict - Titan Flat Weight Bench Review

titan flat weight bench

My final verdict of the Titan Flat Weight Bench is that it outdoes it's own expectations.

It's a budget-friendly weight bench with some serious performance capability.

Can you find better weight benches? Of course, but for less than $200, you're not going to find much that can handle 1000lbs and meet IPF-requirements for competition benches.

Full Rating

Titan Flat Weight Bench

The Titan Flat Bench is one of the best value benches available to date. It's simple design hides the fact that it can outperform benches that cost 2/3rds more than it, which is a testament to Titan's commitment to providing you capable, but cost-friendly fitness equipment.

Brand: Titan Fitness

Currency: $USD

Price: $149.99

In-Stock: In-Stock

Titan Fitness Flat Bench Rating









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