Trueform Runner Review

Trueform Runner Review, September 2021

Deciding on a new fitness routine is the easy part. Sticking to that routine, though? Not so easy.

Take running, for instance. Going for a run is a low cost workout that can happen almost anywhere, but even then we are tempted to come up with reasons why we need to skip our scheduled run: the weather is too hot, too cold, too rainy, you don’t have time, your earbuds are out of batteries...the list can go on.

I won’t lie to you, readers, and say that I am above this mentality. Despite being a fitness blogger, I am still human, and us humans have a tendency to always take the path of least resistance (or in this case, physical exertion).

What I have found over the years of changing my lifestyle to become more fit is that nothing is more motivating than having access to gym equipment in my home. I found it easy to strength train with my home gym weights, convenient to row on my indoor rowing machine, but the one piece of equipment I was holding off on? A running machine or indoor treadmill.

I had somehow convinced myself that I would always be willing to get up and run outside, but I quickly realized this was not the case. Week after week, I found myself skipping out on running, and opting for the couch and Netflix instead. 

So, I caved. I came to realize that nothing is more accessible, or more motivating, than having a treadmill in your home. There are no more excuses - you have everything you need to get your heart rate up without even leaving your front door.

The Trueform Runner: My Solution to Skipping Cardio

Now, let me introduce you to the running machine that solved all my cardio avoiding tendencies: the Trueform Runner. 

When I purchased my Trueform Runner, I did my research. I wanted a running machine that was durable and effective at burning serious calories. I also have some finicky joints that don’t always take too well to running on hard surfaces, so I needed a treadmill that I knew would also not put any additional stress on my lower body, even during longer runs. 

After reading all the Trueform Runner reviews and experiencing the magic of this treadmill for myself, I am confident I have found one of the best treadmills on the market for serious and beginner runners alike.

Readers, keep on reading for my complete Trueform Runner review. 

What Makes the Trueform Runner So Great?

The answer to that question is in this running machine’s name. 

“Trueform” stands for the fact that the Trueform Runner has revolutionized the world of treadmills by allowing you to replicate your natural running gait and form on an indoor running machine. 

The Trueform Runner is a non-motorized treadmill, meaning that it operates in response to your natural running pace and stride, rather than forcing you to chase an accelerating motor like standard treadmills do.

Pair this intuitive running belt with its gentle curve and you get one very safe running machine that feels as natural as running freely outdoors or on a track. 

The Trueform Runner’s design strives to make sure you are running symmetrically, putting less stress on your joints and essentially reducing your risk of running related injuries. This running machine is made to be ergonomic and comfortable so that you can get more benefits from your runs and remain committed to this form of exercise. 

Trueform estimates that exercising on a Trueform Runner actually has you burning 44% more calories than performing the same workout on a standard treadmill.

Now, while I am not sure exactly how Trueform came to that number, I will say that my body fat percentage has visibly decreased after I began to run on this machine regularly. I am definitely a Trueform Runner believer. 

The Trueform Runner: Details and Specifications

The Trueform Runner is a commercial gym quality piece of equipment.

This means that when you purchase this running machine, you can be confident that it will be sticking around and running well for a long time 

Constructed from 7 gauge welded steel and Bonded Kraiburg Thermolast made by Smith and Wesson (yes, the firearm company), the Trueform Runner can withstand the constant strike of your running shoes during even the most intense sprinting sessions. 

Its frame is one giant welded piece of metal, so there is nothing about this treadmill that will make you think for even a second that it could break easily. 

Better yet, the Trueform Runner is held together firmly by powerful 106 sealed steel ball bearings. If you’ve ever ran on lesser quality running machines that shake and tremble under your body weight, know that the Trueform Runner is not that. The Trueform Runner can confidently support up to 500lbs of weight and for the entire duration of your run on this premium treadmill, you will feel balanced, stable, and in control.

With that being said, the Trueform Runner is a relatively large piece of cardio equipment in comparison to other home gym accessories. Thankfully, it does come with wheels that make moving the Trueform Runner around a lot easier.

This running machine measures a total of 64 inches by 36 inches by 63 inches and weighs a sizable 340lbs. Because the Trueform Runner does not fold up for storage, before you order your own Runner you’ll want to check and double check the measurements to make sure you have got the space for it.

Integrated Technology and Features

What I really appreciate about the Trueform Runner is that this running machine values simple and effective design over excessive bells and whistles.

You will find that a lot of popular treadmills today market their advanced tech capabilities, screens, computers, and sensors.

But, the fact of the matter is, these additional techy features are often the first things to break down on even the most premium treadmills.

As well, if you are anything like me, I can waste a lot of time fiddling with connecting my phone to the machine or adjusting the workout sensors and setting, taking valuable time away from what I should be doing, which is getting in a solid workout. 

The Trueform Runner goes back to the tried and true basics when it comes to designing a reliable running machine. As far as tech goes, this treadmill has an easy to read LED screen on its console that tracks and displays your distance, speed, and pace while you run. That is all- no additional distranctions, meaning you can truly focus on your run for a very effective workout.

And one of the more overlooked benefits of not having a totally teched out running machine: the Trueform Runner is cordless. You are not bound to positioning this piece of equipment next to an outlet, and you don’t have the nuisance of avoiding a cord running across your home gym. 

The really exciting technology on the Trueform Runner is actually in this running machine’s curved running belt...more on that in the next section of this article. 

The Trueform Runner Experience

At first I was skeptical: can a curved, non-mechanical running belt actually improve my form and stride? 

After using the Trueform Runner myself I can assure you, yes, yes it can. I have noticed that my running sessions are gaining more speed and mileage with ease.

The more I train on my Trueform Runner, the better runner I am becoming.

Now, don’t mistake this intelligent belt design as the cure all for shin splints, bad hips, or any other running discomfort.

If you experience pain when you run, you will want to consult with a doctor before running regularly on any treadmill. 

But, if you are new to running or just want to maintain your longevity in the sport, the Trueform Runner will work wonders for you. The way this running machine actively works to improve your body positioning and reduce running’s impact on your joints is well worth the investment.

I will also add that I am really impressed with how smooth and silent the Trueform Runner is while in operation. Even when I am running as fast as I can, the Trueform Runner is considerably quieter and feels smoother under my gait than other standard treadmills I have exercised on in the past. 

This is probably why the Trueform Runner is a really popular running machine amongst CrossFit gyms and CrossFit athletes: this treadmill is easy to operate, extremely responsive, safe, and adaptable to all kinds of workouts. Whether you are using your Trueform Runner to walk, jog, run, or all out sprint, you are guaranteed function and comfort. 

The only thing I miss on the Trueform Runner is a water bottle holder, but since I am using this running machine at home, it is really less of an issue than if I had to find a clean spot in the gym to place my bottle. 

Where To Buy Your Trueform Runner

Think this Trueform Runner is the right running machine for you? You can purchase your own (and read more about the details) on the official Trueform online store. 

Now, I will give you a forewarning, the Trueform Runner is not a discount treadmill (which you may have already guessed). The cost of a Trueform Runner is $6,995, although they do go on sale relatively often for around $5,495.

Take it from someone who has taken the Trueform Runner plunge themselves, this running machine is honestly worth the high-ticket price. As the saying goes, you get what you pay for.

When you buy lower quality cardio machines that break within a couple years of use, over a longer period of time you will end up paying this price anyway. Why not save yourself the headache of having to buy treadmill after treadmill by investing in the Trueform Runner?

Trueform Runner Reviews: The Pros, Cons, and Final Words


  • Improves your running stride
  • Places less stress on your joints
  • Imitates the experience and feel of natural, outdoor running
  • Strong and long lasting construction
  • Ideal for all kinds of athletes, including newbie runners, CrossFit enthusiasts, and long distance runners
  • Smooth and quiet while in operation
  • Non-motorized for a safe, controlled experience
  • Curved running belt helps strengthen your glutes and hamstrings


  • On the pricier side of gym equipment
  • Limited high tech features
  • Does not fold for storage

Final Thoughts

Overall, the Trueform Runner is a high quality running machine that will make you motivated to push through the hardest parts of your workout and reach that sought after good energy of runner’s euphoria. 

The Trueform Runner will work for you to protect your form and joints and enable you to run farther, for longer. Take it from me, there is no better time than the present to drop the excuses and invest in your life changing fitness routine! 

Denver Matheson

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