What’s The Best Cardio Machine For Burning Calories Fast?

I’ve tried almost every kind of cardio machine, including cycling, treadmills, steppers and rowers, and ellipticals. A good indication that you are burning calories is to see how much you are sweating. The more sweat means the high your heart rate is going which means the more you are typically burning. Heart rate is correlated to caloric burn rate, and the time duration combined with your heart rate gives you the final count. For example if you have a heart rate that’s goes up to 160 bpm, but you only are doing that for 5 minutes, you’ll likely burn more caloires if you are at 120bpm and working out for 30 minutes. Make sense?

The heart rate wrist monitors, such as the Fitbit Versa 2, are not a great way of measuring your calories burned simply because of they have been shown in studies to be pretty inaccurate. Check out this article from CNBC showing the Fitbit’s are highly inaccurate.

I’ve found that the machines that cost thousands of dollars, such as the LifeFitness Treadmill and the Matrix C5X ClimbMill Stepper to be pretty accurate at measuring calories so long as you are not leaning or hanging on the machine while doing the workout and you fall into a somewhat average body weight.

What is the Best Cardio Machine for burning the most calories?

The answer is simple, stepper machines are the best because they force you to work against gravity like no other machine does. To be more specific the Matrix C5X ClimbMill Stepper, is the best stepper I’ve used in all my gym time. It is the most reliable. At my gym there are 2 LifeFitness steppers that are always in maintenance because something is going wrong with them, but the Matrix C5X‘s hold up well, and I’ve rarely seen them in down for maintenance.

Matrix C5X

If steppers aren’t your thing, I would recommend checking out our Top 10 treadmill guide. Treadmills would be my 2nd choice for burning calories. The only thing I’ve seen that beats these machines is to actually get a bike and go out into the mountains and go bike riding, or joining a cardio intensive sport like jujitsu or kickboxing. But not everyone has time for that, so these machines area good alternative for people who want to get their cardio done, without having to mess around.

Anyway, hope this short guide has helped you. Definitely give the stepper a try, and bring a towel because you’ll need it with the amount of sweat you’ll probably have. Here’s a tip, keep the speed setting somewhat slow at first, otherwise you might get burned out and think it’s too difficult. I typically have mine set around 70 steps per minute, but you can dial that to a much slower speed of 20 or 30 steps per minute as a good start.

Happy stepping!

Denver Matheson

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